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Alfred Thomas Charlotte, NC

Hello everyone my name is Alfred and I am currently working as a digital marketing intern which ends this month. For the past few months I have applied to many marketing coordinator jobs with the hopes of landing a position before the internship ends so I can continue to support my family. But, it doesn’t look like that goal will be met before my internship ends. So I did start volunteering just to close the gap on the experience piece until I can land full time employment.

I am not getting many interviews and I am not getting any feedback from employers so I have no idea what the problem is. The interviews I have had I thought I did great. I presented myself professionally, spoke the proper terminology, asked important questions, and came prepared. But I was never selected. I know it’s hard for someone on the outside looking in to pinpoint the problem but any advice would be helpful. I would love to figure out what I am doing wrong so I can fix it.

I am applying to coordinator positions which are entry level, I have used various VSO job boards, I have even completed some certifications that mentors recommended I complete and it’s not enough unfortunately. I have 3 years of social media management experience and I am applying to entry level positions. I constantly follow up when and with what I am supposed to. I do my due diligence by connecting with the the right people on LinkedIn but all of that is not enough. I love to solve problems but this one has me stumped because I feel like I am doing everything right and mentors tell me all of the time my resume looks good, impressed by how many certifications I have pursued on my own, and love how I am teaching myself a lot of different marketing tasks but it’s all not enough. Any guidance that you can provide would be much appreciated.

I am also willing to swallowing my pride and just choosing another career. What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts on what I should do

Thank you for your time.

4 June 2022 15 replies Mentoring



Victoria Heck Ashburn, VA

Hi Alfred,
I'm a Recruiter and would like to review your resume and assist in your job search. Are you available to chat this week? I sent you a message.

8 June 2022 Helpful answer


Anne Crawford Swansea, MA

Hi Alfred, it sounds like you are doing all the correct things. You mentioned all the " hard" skills that you have been achieving. This is excellent. Now comes the hard part. Your " soft' skills. Are they on your resume? Soft skills are so important, when it comes to getting hired. I would be more than happy to give you a coaching session on them. They include your communication style, leadership skills, how you manage teams, what motivates you, and why. You are a very goal driven individual. Is that on your resume, and how you form your goals? Steps you take to achieve them? Please send me a message and I would be more than happy to help you out with what is holding you back from landing these jobs. All the best, Anne

8 June 2022 Helpful answer


John Peebles Chatham, NJ

Hi Alfred:

I have a colleague in digital marketing in Charlotte with contacts at one of the digital agencies:

Email me if you see anything interesting. My colleague Ryan will forward your resume -- warm intros can be helpful.

Good luck!

John Peebles

8 June 2022 Helpful answer


Margaret Faccio Green Bay, WI

Is it possible that you are overqualified for the positions you are applying for? Maybe they dont consider you entry level since you have a lot on your resume. I did the same when I was first starting out and was told that I wasn't a good fit. I didnt understand why until I finally had someone explain that I needed to go for the job I had 50% of the skills for, not 90%. When they see that you have most of the skills aready they may think you dont have room to grow and may get board. Granted I am in a scientific field, but it may be what is happening.

8 June 2022 Helpful answer


Spencer Lopez Hopatcong, NJ

Hi Alfred!

Digital Marketing is a rather broad field to look into. Are you looking to land at a creative agency or a media agency? Are you looking for a role in planning, digital investment, programmatic, search, social or Ad Ops? The term digital marketing is so broad. You’ll want to narrow your focus a little bit.

I am a Director on Mediacom’s Ad Operations team and also belong to our Veterans ERG. I also came through the ACP program 9 years ago. Let’s chat and see how I can help.


Bob Molluro Wilmington, DE

Alfred, I have helped many people to become "Killer Interviewers". In fact I am 28-0 when working with people who were trying to get jobs; get promotions; get into grad school. If you would like a free one hour consultation just let me know. You have good credentials and just need to find the right fit.
Bob Molluro


Richard Filippi Rye, NY

Use your contacts in LinkedIn
When you see a position apply online and if you have a contact at the company ask them if they wouldn't mind sending your resume to the hiring manager or HR person. Many companies offer a payment to employees who refer others.


Gary Rossi Napa, CA

Alfred - Network, network, Network - use LinkedIn to find someone that is the hiring manager and reach out for a informational interview - also join my network where I have close to 10K business and professional contacts by networking you increase your chances - if you would like to chat about it i can do that too - - Here is my profile to reach out and connect - Wish you the very best. Gary


Alfred Thomas Charlotte, NC

Thank you all for the guidance


Anita McClendon (Dinkens) Charlotte, NC


My name is Anita McClendon. I retired back in 2016 and have been volunteering with veterans in transition and career consulting. I also recently opened a career consulting business. I can definitely help you in your search for more opportunities.

Reach me at 980-494-0644 or



MY TWO CENTS: Apply for an entry position in Purchasing -- FULL STOP!

It should not be difficult. Show your manager what you can do. Then after a few years experience, look to advance into a potion that you would like.

Francis Tepedino


June Webb Chevy Chase, MD

Hello Alfred,

The digital marketing field is saturated with people trying to get a w-2 contract including college graduates.
Just know that most of them are 1099 contract.
You may want to check out some APPS like Fiverr and Upwork and maybe dell into freelancing options.

If you like you may follow me on Linkedin.

June Webb


Jerry Welsh Middleville, MI

Your profile looks good, you need to conduct some Informational Interviews with folks doing what you want to become. HireMilitary has a great "how to" guide. Secondly I would look into a large number of postings off job boards for your desired position. Then build a master list of "key skills, key metrics, key abilities, key accomplishments". Take and create a resume for one of those positions and run it through JOBSCAN.CO-this will show you what key words you are missing when companies are checking your resume. Have you done any networking with Hire Heroes USA, to see if something internal might tide you through. They are a great organization, they have a number of positions always open. It keeps a paycheck coming, along with time to do this Informational Interviewing.
I would also connect with Michael Quinn, and also take a look at HireMilitary for some openings in their job site. American Corporate Partners has a great mentor ship program, that may add to your existing mentors. I hope this helps, God Bless and thanks for your service.


Timothy Bowman Laguna Niguel, CA

Hi Alfred,
I recommend that you consider a career in public service. Check with local and state agencies that are hiring in your skillset, and also for federal employment that might include you qualifying for hiring preferences as a veteran. Go to for more information on the federal employment where you can find various positions that might fit your skillset, and then you can build automatic search queries for jobs by type and location. Let me know if you need more information.


Richard Byrne Hillsborough, NJ

As the song goes:
You can't always get what you want, but sometimes, if you try, you get what you need.
You might want to not have to relocate.
You want to work in digital marketing, or even in marketing.
You have dependents that you need to support.
You are willing to accept an entry level position subsequent to a successful internship
We are experiencing unsettling times.

Commercial job search MBA entry level, your location, 8 jobs found, 1 seems pertinent

Commercial job search MBA entry level, location unspecified, 362 jobs found

Commercial job search MBA marketing entry level, location unspecified, 286 jobs found

Commercial job search digital marketing entry level, location unspecified, 4698 jobs found

Commercial job search digital marketing entry level, your location, 69 jobs found

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