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Welcome to ACP AdvisorNet’s Virtual Career Event with IBM! Introduce Yourself!


Stephen Dest New York, NY

Welcome Veterans and IBM Advisors! Take a moment to introduce yourself here.

Veterans pop over to our Ask a Question form ( and post the questions you have on your career development to get answers from IBM Advisors.

Feel free to private message me with any questions!

16 November 2020 71 replies General



Jodi Garrott Austin, TX

hey ya'll! I am a project manager at IBM and I've been volunteering with veterans and their families for over a decade. My family has served and while I understand not everyone is a fit for our military services, I always enjoy doing my part to give back to those that have given so much. If you have any questions, or I can assist in any way with interview prep, transitions, etc. please don't hesitate to reach out. I encourage you all to connect on LinkedIn and follow IBM. There are so many ways designed to help students, teachers and professionals interested in business, IT, cybersecurity, etc. through our company - learn more at

16 November 2020 Helpful answer


Clark Olander Monument, CO

Air Force Major--25 years served

Happy to meet and assist my fellow veterans any way I can. I am currently a QRadar Siem consultant working for the SIOC division in IBM. I have been working in cybersecurity for the past 5 years now and Im happy to answer any questions about this growing field. Please let me know how I can help.

16 November 2020 Helpful answer


Joey Ramion Acworth, GA

Hello, relatively new IBMer here. I have been an ACP advisor before. I currently head the US Salesforce practice for Energy & utilities. Over 20 years consulting experience and I live in metro Atlanta. Be glad to assist anyone I can. Regards, Joey

16 November 2020 Helpful answer


Richard Porter Chapel Hill, NC

Hi folks, I'm an offering (product) manager at IBM. I like to say Offering Managers are the very model of modern middle managers. We work in the center of the effort to define build and deliver IBMs' offerings to our customers. We collaborate most strongly with design and development and then with sales but we also work with the entirety of the business.

I spent 8 years in the USMC as a Ground Intel Officer (0203), I spent 3 months at Amazon as a Product management intern, and 2 years at UNC for my MBA.

I've been mentoring with ACP in 1:1s for 2 years, 1 complete and one in progress.

I'm happy to chat with folks, most especially those interested in Offering/Product management and/or with common backgrounds.

16 November 2020 Helpful answer


Gina Cardosi Chicago, IL

Hi all. I'm a certified senior project manager and I have been with IBM for over 23 years. I have been a mentor with ACP since 2009 and am the very proud daughter of a retired LT Colonel.

I have expertise in program/project management, HR, recruiting, but my super power is team building.

16 November 2020 Helpful answer


John Grieger Cedar Park, TX

I retired as an O-4 from the Air Force 7 years ago and have had an extremely rough transition and have struggled with long term unemployment. I have a masters degree in Space Systems and my PMP certification. I live in Austin, TX and I am unable to re-locate. I am interested in roles in program and project management. Please reach out if you have any leads or if you would like to network.


David Brown Naples, FL

Hello everyone,
I am US Navy Submarine Veteran and current Automotive Service Technician. I am currently studying Business Analysis and will be graduating late summer of 2021. I am extremely interested in pursuing a career with IBM in the career path that I am studying. I would love to speak with someone in that area to gain some knowledge into what could help me in my pursuit. Thank you all.


Spencer Smith Madison, WI

Started with IBM Global Services just before Y2K and have since moved on, but happy to share any digital marketing tips here. We now run a physician/pharmacy consulting company. Thanks! - Spencer Smith from the LDN Center


Sharon Parker Roanoke, TX

To all Veterans, thank you for your service to our country!

I have been an ACP Advisor for several years and spent many years consulting for IBM. I've had the opportunity and pleasure to partner with many veterans entering the workforce. I also partner with Hire for Heroes. I'm so thankful organizations like this afford us a way to work with those who have served!


Catherine Rickelman Marietta, GA

Hello everyone, Im in IBM HR and know a lot about how to prepare yourself for interviews, coaching on growing your career. Ive got a lot of respect for the skills and abilities Veterans bring to the job as I developed learning solutions with various branches of the military and my dad served in the Navy. Nice to meet you all.


Scott Covington Durham, NC

Hi all,

My name is Scott Covington and I'm a managing consultant within IBM's Enterprise Strategy team. I served eight years in the Army as a Company Commander, Platoon Leader, and Blackhawk helicopter pilot and went to Duke for my MBA before joining IBM. Let me know how I can help!


Gary Maier Hopewell Junction, NY

Hi all;

I am also a veteran and served in the US Navy at NAS Pensacola as a Radar Technician.
I got injured and received an Honorable Medical Discharge.

I am now an IBMer for 40 + Years and have been in Test Engineering for most of them.
I am currently a Senior Test Development Engineer in East Fishkill NY.

I lead several development projects for IBM and hold over 40 patents and publications.
I also have 2 outside business's. One is owning and running investment income properties and the other I just started breeding and training Champion German Shepherds for Search and Rescue, Police, Military Service, and Personal Protection.

I am available to provide you support.


Martha Foss Cartersville, GA

Hello! Thanks so much for offering your time for this event! My name is Martha Foss. I am a transitioning career Soldier/Lawyer with a transition date of December 31, 2020. I am open to both traditional legal positions and other corporate positions where my knowledge, skills, and abilities can be leveraged. My linked in is

While in the military, in addition to traditional legal jobs including supervisory legal positions, I also served as a Senior Legal Advisor in Afghanistan working closely with both senior Afghan government officials and strategic military/international leaders; served as an operational planner in Afghanistan; and taught strategic leaders at one of the Army's graduate schools.

I live in the Huntsville, AL area where I would like to remain based in my next career but I have both the ability and desire to travel and the ability to work remotely or partially remote.


Tiffany Ramzy Denton, TX

Hi Folks!
I am new to ACP. I am an IT Security Compliance Officer for the IBM Watson Health division. At a highlevel I work with IBM Watson Health and IBM Cloud to effectively manage risk and defend against cybersecurity threats to IBM Cloud and IBM Watson Health platforms and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings. Key compliance areas and common industry certifications/frameworks/standards are: Blockchain, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO27001, NIST 800-53, and SOC.

Willing to share guidance, expertise, and encouragement as you transition from military to civilian careers.


George Hogan Westport, CT

Good afternoon Veteran Community. I've been an IBM Consultant for +20 years and prior to that served in the Navy. At IBM I've focused on our Public Sector, specifically clients that are State, Local or Education organizations.


Kang Bae Ridgefield, NJ

I've served in the Navy during 2011-2015.
I'm a backend software developer for IBM Quantum. I've been with this team for about a 1.5 year. I'd be glad to help fellow veterans in their career journey


Jay Di Silvestri Ventura, CA

Hi, Years ago I was a Quartermaster on the USS Kitty Hawk. During that time I made really good friends, and had the chance to grow up. I'm thankful for the time I had in the Navy, and I'm also thankful that I've had a good career at IBM. If there is some way that I can help Vets transition to the job market, I would like to help.

I'm especially interested in working with former enlisted.


Patrice Scully Mahwah, NJ

I have been with IBM over 39 years. During that time I have done many different roles including systems engineering, sales, customer satisfaction, services development and people and project management. In my current job I manage a technical team that provides support for pre-sales Artificial Intelligence based opportunities. I am also a certified PMI PMP. Thanks for your service!


Skip Van Winkle Frederick, CO

Hi everyone - I'm an IBMer currently working in Cloud Sales. I've had a great career with IBM that actually started through a love of technology that I developed while in the U.S.A.F. years ago. Through my 18+ years with IBM I have had a diverse career having worked in Services delivery, Technical Sales, and Channels, before moving into Cloud Platform Sales.

While in the Air Force I was a member of the 527th Aggressor Squadron, and later worked with the SR-71 & U2 as part of the 1st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing. The experiences while serving in the military has helped me to better navigate the large corporations that I typically work with today.

Happy to share more and assist you in your career journey. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn as well!



Emily Thomson Houston, TX

Hello, I am an IBMer. Nice to meet everyone all virtually. I have worked with many veterans when I was in the airlines industry (pilots and fellow co-workers). Look forward to connecting with others here.


Von Arzu New York, NY

I am Shavona, a Software Engineer, graduate student, and Navy Veteran. Completed two combat tours, served 4 years active 4 years reserve, and transitioned into the Tech industry.

Currently proficient in programming languages JavaScript, React, HTML, and CSS. I am a graduate student pursuing a Master's degree in Data Science and Interaction Design. The degree is teaching programming languages R and Python.

I graduate in May 2021 and looking to gain advice on breaking into the Tech Industry further with mid-level experience and when I graduate. Looking forward to keeping in touch with fellow veterans and any IBM staff. Here is my LinkedIn

Thank you, ACP!


John Pisello Conyers, GA

Hello, veterans and military spouses! Thank you for your service.

I'm a software architect and I've been working in the IBM technical support space for 18 years. I was a software development contractor for 6 years (working at IBM) before I was hired in 2002. I architect support web sites that IBM customers use to access technical resources.

Before my stint in IBM, I was an officer (O-3) in the U.S. Air Force. I served on active duty for 6½ years, and in the active reserve for another 2½. I'd be glad to answer your questions about how to get started finding a job, or about any aspects of working at IBM that I can help you with.


Daniel King Andover, MA

Hello all, I run the IBM Security Command Center in Cambridge, MA. Joined IBM in 2018 after retiring and its been a fantastic experience. Please message me if there are any questions that I can answer or insights I can provide.


Angelo Fazio Asbury Park, NJ

Currently a Client Executive covering Morgan Stanley.

For over 20 years, I have been delivering high value customer service through building trusted relationships. My engineering background has enabled me to breakdown complex products, processes and business models with the goal of facilitating cross functional teams transforming processes/systems or building new capabilities. Business process management, operational excellence and clear performance metrics empower teams to exceed customer expectations. Fintech and innovation continue to be effective tools in creating new ways to connect people, processes and technology.

West Point graduate and financial services executive with extensive experience in relationship management, strategy development and implementing business and technology controls and governance. Track record of successfully increasing financial returns and client satisfaction while reducing risk and waste. Business leader aligning strategy, systems, people and processes to focus on innovation and transformational change for organizations.


Uriel Facio Fort Sill, OK

Hello, I am currently a transitioning Army maintainer who has been in for about 4 years now.

I'm looking for advise on how to properly go about changing careers into the Computer Engineering field. Is there any kind of certifications I can pursue? Internships I should do? Advise like those would be highly appreciated. Mostly looking towards the hardware side of things such as the research and development. I already plan to get at least at B.S. in Computer Engineering.

Thank you to IBM and ACP for hosting this event.


Brian O'Malley Wilton, CT

HI Folks,
I am a product manager and client relationship manger with the IBM With Watson Program. I have been with IBM 8 years now. I have been an ACP mentor for 8 years as well. I am the executive sponsor for the ACP program at IBM and I also came through this program as a protege.
I am a former Army Infantry Officer with deployments to both OIF and OEF


Rich Montiel Owens Cross Roads, AL

I've been with IBM for about a year and half. I'm an 11 year Army vet and happy to help any vets seeking advice about transition to the civilian sector.


Tom Crawford Columbus, OH

Tom Crawford here. I've been with IBM for 17 years and I'm an Enterprise Architect. I retired from the Navy/Navy reserve after 20 years as an Intelligence Officer (LCDR 04).


Karen Frank New Canaan, CT

Hi all! I've been with IBM for a year and a half and I'm part of our Transformation organization that focuses on enterprise-wide transformations. I'm a internal change management consultant, but I'm currently working with our Global Business Services Americas team on understanding the impact of the strategic shift in the business. Glad to be here and happy to help however I can.


Tim St. Onge Atlanta, GA

Good afternoon, everyone. 15 year IBMer. Happy to meet and assist fellow veterans in any way I can.


Jessica French Atlanta, GA

Hi There, I am currently an IBMer and Air National Guardsman. Have been with IBM for about five years in the Market Development & Insights group, supporting Global Business Services (GBS), and I have been with the Air National Guard for thirteen years, specializing in Logistics & Air Transportation. I'm interested in engaging in discussions and answering whatever questions that I can about bridging a career in the military into one in consulting and business.


Gusanita Roberson Mableton, GA

Hello Everyone and Welcome Veterans,
Looking forward to today's networking session. I have almost 40 years experience with IBM in various roles. Definitely have experience in adapting and transforming to new assignments.


Dan Dolphin Willow Spring, NC

Good afternoon. I have been with IBM for many years and have been in and around different parts of technology. Currently managing a team that develops secure network remote access services in our CIO office.


Dave Gibson Acworth, GA

I'm a USMC vet and have been working in IT and Information Security for the past 25 years. I joined IBM 5 years ago and am currently working as a security consultant in the Financial Services market. I'm also an ACP mentor and have had the honor to assist many veterans in their transitions to civilian employment. During my career I've worked for a lot of great companies and have a sizable network of connections, so feel free to connect will me on LinkedIn at Good luck, talk soon!


Lisa Cassidy Portland, ME

Wow, people joke that IBM stands for "I Bring Many" and now I know why :)

I've been an IBMer for 10 years mostly in public sector consulting for clients like VA, Army, HUD and CMS. Now I'm in HR and my work involves people analytics, talent management and communications.

Looking forward to connecting!


Edgar Cordero Austin, TX

I am a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM in Austin, TX. I have not served in the military but have always held deep respect for those who do. I have been mentoring with ACP since 2009. I am an IBM Master Inventor and a member of IBM's Academy of Technology. I have a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Computer Engineering. I work in IBM's Cognitive Systems, specifically with the memory subsystems. I have three children of my own and four step children with my wife. I am originally from Amsterdam, NY and have lived in Austin, TX since 2000.


Vincent Johnson Enterprise, AL

I am Vincent and I have served 25 years in the Army. I will transition from the US Army next summer. My broad experience includes air space management and operations management. Safety and IT are areas of interest for me.


Pedro Quinones Fairburn, GA

Hello. I finished my enlistment in November 2019. I served in the Army for 35 years. I started working in January 2020 as a Project Manager. I am a certified PMP, CompTIA Network+, and Security+. I am happy to answer your questions.


Philip Sacchitella Macedon, NY

Hello, I am a Mobile developer and Blockchain Architect for IBM's Watson Health Life Sciences. I am a service connected disable vet and father of two Afghan Combat Veterans. I have 6 years at IBM and 24 years of IT experience in a variety of positions. I also have some experience navigating the Veterans Administration educational opportunities. I look forward to working with you.



I'm a 46 year old Christian, father, husband, and a stroke survivor. I was in the Army in 1992-1993, MOS 29J. I was also a military father was in the Air Force and the Navy.

Currently, I am an IT Specialist with IBM's MSS (Managed Security Systems). I've been at IBM 20 years, this month. Started as a contractor working on the help desk and seen a lot of change in 2 decades.


Robert Spruell Lancaster, TX

Hello, My name is Robert. My background is in Aviation. I am Interested in learning more about starting a career in IT.


Charleen Burton Aurora, CO

I am Charleen and I have served 22 years in the Army. I have spent the last 18 years serving as the full time support for the Colorado Army National guard. Thanks to a number of challenging experiences, I learned how to provide multiple solution to various problems and discovered a knack for process evaluation and improvement. I like to creatively work with intelligent machined and utilize new technology to improve processes. I want to continue to expand on these skills for my next opportunity.


Douglas Henry Henry Chicago, IL

Hello, I'm a fellow UI/UX designer within IBM iX. I handle all things creative, from leading design thinking workshops, implementing digital strategy, and managing design teams. Any questions or concerns related to design and the craft, reach out here on ACP or LinkedIn!


Anthony Nelson Saline, MI

Hello everyone -

I am a 3 year IBMer and 10 year Army Veteran. I did stints as an Airborne Infantryman with the 173d Airborne Brigade in Vicenza, Italy; with the 1st Combat Aviation Brigade at Fort Riley, KS as a Logistician; and the 159th Combat Aviation Brigade in Fort Campbell, KY as a Black Hawk pilot. Total of 4 combat tours (2 in Afghanistan and 2 in Iraq). I separated in 2015 as a Captain and moved back home to Ann Arbor, MI.

I have two degrees from the University of Michigan (BS and MBA), and I am always looking to find mentorship opportunities for Veterans. Currently, I am working in Industrial IoT software sales and consulting and have been doing that for about 3 years. I am happy to answer any questions anyone has about transitioning to the civilian life and working at IBM.


Tim Keeley New York, NY

Hi everyone, I have worked at IBM for 25 years in multiple cities across Europe, China and the U.S. My expertise is in corporate communications, executive speechwriting and enterprise journalism. I love mentoring with ACP and would be happy to answer your career questions on any aspect of communications.


Dan Noonan Glen Burnie, MD

Hello all! I am a US Army veteran (served 1986-1993 as a 98GRU). I've been working in the consulting industry for over 23 years, the last 14 with IBM. I have experience in many areas of the consulting trade and look forward to hopefully helping other veterans make a smooth transition to civilian life!


Ruben Miller Red Bank, NJ


My name is Ruben Miller. I am a 19 year Army veteran with four degrees, and a plethora of technical and leadership experience in Aerospace and Defense during my career. I am currently working on my PMP as well.


Patrick Dugan Stafford, VA

Pat Dugan, Air Force officer with a pretty varied background in operations, strategy, acquisitions, test, HR, budgeting, and partnering.

It is great seeing all the IBM support to this event. As I've applied for the Jan HOH fellowship cohort, I'm excited to hear about opportunities in or near Charlotte, NC.


Jonathan Reandeau Port Angeles, WA

Good Morning, All.

I am currently a HR Professional within the DoD. I have 15 years experience in Information Technology, and spent 8 years in the United States Air Force as a Meteorologist. I hold a Masters of Business Administration, and I am a Doctoral Candidate in Business Administration with a focus on Project Management. I am interested in information regarding management and technology within IBM.

Thank you,



Robert Whitley Lawrenceville, GA

Hello everyone. I am happy to be part of this mentoring activity and potentially help those who have come after me. I am a Navy Veteran from the Viet Nam era. Please don't hold that against me. :) If you have questions I will be happy to help guide you to resources you can use.


Shana Thompson Kissimmee, FL

Good Afternoon Professionals!

Hope you and your loved ones are well today no matter where you are situated on the globe.

My name is Shana Thompson. I've had a career in dentistry and administrative services with the US Army and Department of Veteran Affairs. Currently I'm pursuing a graduate degree in human resource management and certification in HR, cloud technologies and analytics. While I'm not currently seeking employment, I look to network with other veterans and professionals in my fields of interest and inquire while absorbing all the interesting stories of everyone's journey!

Thank you and have a wonderfully, productive day!


Paul Veiga Chicago, IL

Hello everyone! I am a management consultant within IBM's Enterprise Strategy team. In this role, I work with our client's to solve their most pressing business issues, from creating a smarter working environment to developing tools to help increase margin. I graduated with my MBA from U Chicago Booth which allowed me to step into this role. Although I am based in Chicago I (used to) travel across the country to client locations.

I have volunteered extensively at both U Chicago and my undergrad alma mater, Boston College, with the admissions and career services team reviewing resumes and cover letters, helping candidates prepare for interviews, and helping candidates explore different career paths, so I am happy to help in any way that I can!


Daniel Schelkoph Dayton, OH

I am a Communications Officer in the USAF with 11 years of experience and will separate in March. Looking for how to successfully transition to a cybersecurity engineer field.


Frederick Gariepy Littleton, MA

Hi, I currently work with the customer success management team supporting cloud services for IBM, I have over 20 year experience with technical software sales support for many of the NA Retail and Banking industries. I look forward to working with my fellow veterans and continue to learn new ways to meet your needs. Thanks to ACP for providing this venue.


Steve Dykes Dallas, GA

Hello, Im a 31 year IBMer and currently working as a Senior National Duty Manager for all hardware service delivery in the US. I also toted a tool bag for many of my earlier years working on mid-range systems, etc... I'm looking forward to today's event.


John Moline Grand Prairie, TX


It is a pleasure to assist any veterans into their career path after military life. Please message me with any questions you may have.

I am a Software Architect/Consultant/Developer in IBM Cloud and various other technologies within IBM. I am a 100% VA-rated disabled USAF veteran.


John Harper Temecula, CA

Hello Veterans, My name is John Harper an Air Force veteran. Below is my current business profile. I'm open to field most any business question you may have. Thank you for considering IBM.

Broad experience solving client business problems by applying Information Technology tools and solutions. Always seeking ways to grow new and incremental opportunities while focusing on defined customer outcomes.

I bring proven experience in the following areas:

>Information Technology outsourcing and associated application and Digital transformation

>Technology areas include: Converged Infrastructure, Data Protection, Content Archive, Cloud Migration (Data, Network and Compute, Storage)

>Verticals: Global Outsourcing, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Fed, State & Local Gov., SW & Application Dev., Financial, Aerospace Mfg., Higher Education

> Engage customer and vendor partners to deliver application and infrastructure solutions that support their business initiatives: Cloud Transformations, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, SOX Compliance and Outsourcing.

>Channel Partner: Training and Business Collaboration Support

>Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

Analytic thinker with a hands-on approach to solving problems and generating opportunities, I focus on mutually-beneficial outcomes through client-centric thinking, technology integration and a balance with organizational goals and objectives.

Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to create a global business operating model that grew new business by over 25 times ($2M to $50M). This plan included using effective sales management, compensation models, territory engagement structure, team member leverage and strong marketing initiatives.

Outreach: Homeless Shelters, Juvenile Hall, Charity Events

Skills: Cross-Functional Team Mgmt., Relationships (Operational and C-level), Negotiation, Public Speaking, Proposal Writing

Industry and Apps: Healthcare (PACS), Outsourcing, Data Warehouse, Media & Entertainment, Aerospace, Gov. Federal Local and State, Digital Transformation, Financial, Communications, Automotive, Banking, Disaster Recovery, IT Infra. ECS, S3, Redshift


Lisa Smith Oak Park, IL

Greetings! I am a 20+ year IBMer in the field of marketing. I work in a group called Watson Health. I have a brother who served and is currently working as a civilian at Ft. Campbell to help families of those serving. I love mentoring and networking and hope to help you!


Mika Partridge Greensboro, NC

Hi all! I work in the GBS Federal space of IBM and am looking forward to connect with our veterans today. If you want to reach out to me directly, please do!


Cortney Jarrett Hendersonville, TN

Hi! I am a Software Test Lead for the IBM Watson Health specializing in GHHS (Government Health and Human Services) division. I have been at IBM for 2 years and have been medically separated from the US Navy for 21 years. I was a mechanic in the Navy but after separating, I "fell" into IT and have worked for companies like IBM and Xerox.


Lindsey Colvin Apex, NC

Hello from Apex, North Carolina! Lindsey Colvin here.

About my service: USMA 2010 graduate, 5+ years on active Army, 5 years in the Army Reserve (currently serving). Signal Officer turned Civil Affairs Officer. SOF experience. 3 tours in Afghanistan. Army spouse.

I transitioned off Active Duty in December 2015 and have been working in tech since. I was fortunate enough to have a semi-smooth transition into civilian world. My first role was in HR at a tech company and I quickly realized it wasn't a good fit...but it helped me land my next role which has launched my career in a direction I'm fully enjoying.

Currently, I'm an Offering Manager working in Private Cloud IaaS at IBM, I'm a Doctor of Engineering candidate at the George Washington University, a Company Commander in the Army Reserve (switching to Innovation Command in 2 months!), and a mom of a toddler.

If anything above resonated or you just feel like I might be able to help, message me with any questions!

Areas of interest: Offering/Product Management, Tech, Military transition, resumes, Reserve + Career, School + Career, SOF transition


Johnathan Van Houten Sarasota, FL

I am a BISO and Chief Security Architect at IBM, with over 20 years of experience and a Doctorate with a dual concentration in Cyber Security and Cloud Computing. I am also a veteran with an intelligence background. I was a grey hat with the DoD for several years after active duty, and moved to IBM to create the first Always-On platform and Internet-based microservices. I returned to the security realm and now lead the efforts to protect IBM's portal and other high-value targets. I welcome any questions you may have on security, architecture, platform-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, or managing high-speed, low-drag teams.


Tooba Ali New York, NY

Hi! I'm Tooba - working as an Iteration Manager at IBM. Responsible for roadmap, stakeholder requirements and helping dev team build out products. Feel free to ask me anything!


Robert Best Lexington, SC

My name is Robert Best. I will transition from the US Army next summer and looking for fellowship opportunities.
I have experience managing operations and as a budget analyst from my near 25 year career.
I hold a Master's Degree in Business and certifications in Business Analytics, Cost Management and Lean Six Sigma.
Look forward to the discussion today!
Robert Best


Susan Hallen Elk Grove Village, IL

Hello! I am an IBM Advisor with 40+ years experience in both small and large companies, and happy to help in any area...resumes, project management, technical careers, business careers. My first degree was in Civil Engr, worked as an engineer for many years and then broadened to intelligent mapping systems, product development, intellectual property and many things in between.
Thanks to ACP for organizing this event!


Andrew Foster

Hello, I'm an IBM Advisor and Navy Veteran (CTN) currently working as the Team Lead for a Cyber Threat Hunting project. I'm also an expat that is currently living in Amsterdam Netherlands.

I've worked in a variety of Cyber Security positions (Security Operations Centers, Threat Intelligence, Red Teaming, etc..) even had the opportunity to work for a Dutch startup for a few years.

Feel free to ask me about a career in Cyber Security, life as an expat, or general advice on transitioning from military to civilian careers as a technical specialist.


Ling Wong Duxbury, MA

I'm an Army vet, 20+ year in tech. Mostly in technical delivery. Currently a Customer Success Manager. Look forward to helping my fellow vets.


M Melanie Chevalier Plano, TX

I am an IBM employee, with 13 years in the USAR, SGT, 97B. I currently work within the Global Business Services (GBS), Workday practice. I have over 9 years in the Workday ecosystem and 15 years consulting in the CRM space as sell.

I am happy to answer any questions regarding transitioning from CI in the military to the consulting realm. I look forward to connecting with others here.


Franklin Fernandez Lafayette, CA

Good morning, Steven - I am a Civil Engineer with an MBA. My experience is with the Navy Civil Engineer Corps/Seabees doing facilities engineering (construction, maintenance & project management) around the world.

Does IBM hire facility managers & pubic works personnel directly? Or do you subcontract that out to other companies for your buildings & campuses?

Are there any other positions with IBM that you think I might be eligible or make the transition?

Will you be presenting information regarding employment with IBM (benefits, general compensation packages, focus areas, etc) today? Or is there another way I can find out that information?

Thank you!


Robert Lamaster Meridian, ID

Happy to meet my fellow veterans and provide any help I can. I'm currently participating in a year-long 1-on-1 mentorship with a veteran. Additionally, I have provided some articles and answered many mentor questions. Please let me know how I can help! My area of expertise is the IT field.


Adam Getz Severn, MD

Hello, I am a project manager who will finish a 20-year Army career next year. I'm looking forward to a PM career in the private sector.

I hold an MBA, Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and am currently pursuing Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

Let's connect on LinkedIn!

Thanks to Stephen and ACP for organizing this event!

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