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Looking for some IT/Technology Career Guidance


Chris Leonard Atlanta, GA

I graduated from a major state university last December and accepted a role for a major multinational where I ended up in a sort of rotational program due to my start date. It's now a year later and my Fiancee has accepted a job in a different city (NYC) so I need to start job hunting.

Due to my short post-military history and the rotational aspect (no opportunity to build expertise in a specific area), I'm a bit at a loss for what types of roles I would be competitive for or would excel at.

I'm hoping I can find someone who would be willing to take a look at my resume and give me some guidance as far as what types of roles I would be competitive for immediately with my current experience.

Edit: I would prefer to share my resume privately rather than in a public post. Please either respond here or message me directly if you're able and willing to spare a few minutes of your time.

4 December 2018 9 replies Career Exploration



Mike Mignano Greenwich, CT


Send me your resume...

Mike Mignano
Senior Managing Director
Human Resources
145 Mason Street
Greenwich, CT 06830
Office: 203-861-7603


Bob Molluro Wilmington, DE

Chris I left this out of my earlier response. I think you will find this discussion of value. Click on this link:


Bob Molluro Wilmington, DE

Chris asking others to tell you what you should consider by looking at your resume is a step in the wrong direction. My advice is try to determine first what you are passionate about. You will hear that once you find your passion and pursue it you aren't working , you are enjoying. Isn't that what people really want? A more joyful life filled with great experiences. Eventually the bottom line question is how are you going to contribute to others?
If you want a much broader perspective of what is possible become a follower of Jay Abraham. Here is my links to Jay's works Take the time to watch as much of these fascinating discussions as possible. You will begin to get the answers to the questions on what should you do next. Warmly, Bob Molluro


Michael Del Vecchio Killingworth, CT

Use the google MOS cross-walk - search on "jobs for veterans" - this may help steer your efforts. Also, I was a CTO at a major firm - I may be able to assist on the resume. Send to me when you get a minute.

Good luck.


Louis Schwarz Somerville, NJ

Hi Chris, Send me a copy of your resume and I will give you some feedback. NYC is a great place to break into industry. I worked in the city for 25 years and it was great. Performance will be key to your success, so be ready..
Good luck.


Joe DeVault Newport, MI


If you are still taking feedback, feel free to shoot it over to me as well.


David Bisignani Youngstown, OH

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your service and congratulations on attaining your degree and your future marriage. I wish you the best in this endeavor.

I have worked as a developer in IT for many years, primarily working with .NET as a developer. Your post does not specifically state if you are interested in "management" or development. However, if you are interested in development, I can give you some tips on things you can do to help you find appropriate work.

One thing you will need to do is determine what kinds of situations you perform best. For example, are you the sort of person who needs a good deal of organization within the work place? If so, then you'll need to ask questions about how the company is organized. Do you work best within a group or independently? Do you want to be in a leadership position? Is salary and benefits the prime need or is the work you do more important? Are you willing to commute? You already have a wealth of experience that can help you determine which environments will you will perform best in and find some happiness.

Good luck in your search! I hope you find exactly what you are looking for. And let me say that my wife and I have been married for 26 years and it is one of the best things I've ever done. The relationship is worth any sacrifices you will might need to make. We still laugh at little things that happened along the way! Best wishes!


Steve Ruzzini Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Chris,

I'd be happy to take a look at your resume. Also happy to provide advice on the consulting industry, if you have any interest.



Scott Gagnon Winthrop, MA

Hi Chris - shoot it over to me in a private response. I'd be happy to look at it.

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