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Four Steps for Effective Career Shifting

3 years ago from Patrick E Alcorn

Stop the pondering and do whatever needs to be done for the transition to be effective...Don't waist another moment. Do it now!

Four Steps...

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Widespread Impact from Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

4 years ago from Jay Garcia

A recent survey from #Fortinet sheds light on the vital role that veterans and their spouses can play in closing the #cybersecurity #skillsgap through critical...

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FreelanceVets launches mission to help Military Veterans and Spouses connect with companies eager to hire talented remote professionals

4 years ago from Jordie Kern

Nation’s first freelance job platform exclusive to the Military offers opportunities in numerous industries including technology, healthcare, sales, project management and customer service.


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5 Remote Job Opportunities for Veterans

4 years ago from Alyson Iuchs

Rejoining civilian life comes with lots of responsibilities (and challenges) for veterans. After finishing military duty, many veterans are ready to get back into work...

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Smart Decisions about Money

4 years ago from Karl Schilling

The Financial Industry is wide open. The last 2 decades has seen very poor recruiting results. While this is a wonderful career which offers the fulfillment...

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Veterans at Work

5 years ago from Moses Vandenberg

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to a terrifying event...

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Getting Back to Work? This is What You Need to Have

5 years ago from Kevin Gardner

Going back to work in an office or other setting is never easy, especially after going through training or active duty. Transitioning can be stressful...

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Tips for Digital Marketing In 2019

5 years ago from manchun kumar

We already know, ‘digital’ is a core component of ‘marketing strategy’ now. According to the Survey results from THE CMO REPORT/AMA, it is expected...

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Getting Promoted: It is not only about the job skills!

5 years ago from Teresa Brashear

Some of you might not know that promotions are not offered on the basis of job skills only. A lot of people are good at...

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Google adds new features to help U.S. veterans find jobs or highlight their businesses

5 years ago from Chuck Beretz

Google wants to make the transition back into civilian life smoother for U.S. military veterans by adding tools that help them find jobs or...

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