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Four Steps for Effective Career Shifting

Career Advancement

Stop the pondering and do whatever needs to be done for the transition to be effective...Don't waist another moment. Do it now!

Four Steps for Effective Career Shifting

Are you looking for a job? Career change? Promotion? New entrepreneurial venture? There is no question that the job market is difficult, right now. And the transition process can be tedious and discouraging; especially if it has been a while since you’ve had to effectively communicate your value to secure an opportunity. You need an extraordinary advantage. You need the tools and techniques to find the right opportunity with the right organization—even if you have to create the opportunity or the organization, yourself.

For those of you in transition during these troubled times, remember the words of Paul J Meyer, “Success doesn’t come from doing anything extraordinary; success comes from doing the ordinary consistently well.”

Don’t be a wondering generality willing to accept whatever pays the bills. Instead, be specific and decide what you want for your life—and the lives of those around you. Begin today with a candid self-assessment of your priorities and align them with your transferable skills and abilities. Here are four steps to guide you:

  1. Reconnect to your passion. Visualize the impact that you want to have on society and the community in which you will live. See yourself serving and giving time, money, and resources to the things you love most.

  2. Decide what you really want. Then decide what additional information and resources you need to effectively transition from where you are to where you want to be. Academically and “experientially” you may be in a stellar position. However, check your Entrepreneurial Quotient (EQ). You may find life to be more rewarding by bringing value to the hour in your own world, rather than being paid by the hour in someone else’s world.

  3. Take the first step, today, and keep moving. Make the call. Join the networking group. Write the resume. Knock on the door. Read the book. Book the trip. Hire the coach. Stop the pondering and do whatever needs to be done for the transition to be effective. Don’t wait two years, two months, two weeks, or two days. Don’t waist another moment. Do it now!

  4. Dream again. You can’t have a million dollar life on a ten cent dream. Defy the odds and set a new standard for yourself. When the dream is big enough, the challenges won’t matter. Begin painting the picture of what you want to be, do, have and give in the next five, ten, twenty years. Choose to do that which you are willing to give up your sleep as your dream comes to life.

For more tips, tools, techniques, accountability and support in your transition, hire a coach. Any delay is unwise. To begin your career shift, contact Patrick E Alcorn at 214.606.9034 or email

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