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Questions about Military to Civilian Transition


Clinton Mixon Boca Raton, FL

Looking for any recommendations on executive recruiters that would be useful for someone trying to find an upper management Cyber position?

I am starting my job search in earnest this week and need assistance in revising and distributing my resume to Fortune 500 companies that need Cyber...

one month ago Military to Civilian Transition 2 answers


Jim Guin Rockwall, TX

I went to NTC as a team leader, squad leader, and platoon sergeant. How would I convert the process in to a PM timeline?

Looking for specific examples of senior NCO infantry tasks that would translate to project management, and how to incorporate in the 5 phases.

one month ago Military to Civilian Transition 1 answer


John Seward Colorado Springs, CO

After writing in a military style for a number of years, is there a way to translate those pages and pages of writing and editing as experience for the media field?

Quite a few junior military officers spend a portion of their career on an operations staff. Depending on the location and type of military unit,...

one month ago Military to Civilian Transition 1 answer


Ron Sinicki Hillsboro, OR

Transition into Construction Management - Recent Transition out of Military

My cousin just got out of the Air Force, who was in the construction field while in the service. He is struggling to transition into...

2 months ago Military to Civilian Transition 1 answer


Jonathan Dotson Suffolk, VA

What companies are looking for transitioning military

I’m am looking for informations on companies that are hiring transitioning military looking for a career in the engineering field specifically.

2 months ago Military to Civilian Transition 4 answers


Brent Warner Torrance, CA

Advice for obtaining defense roles without clearance

Hi all, I was an active-duty Army Warrant Officer aviator from 2005-2013, completed a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2016, and a full-time MBA in 2019. I'm...

2 months ago Military to Civilian Transition 2 answers



I feel like a terrible employee

During my time in the Navy, I was the first to arrive and last to leave, and it never really bothered me because I enjoyed...

3 months ago Military to Civilian Transition 15 answers


Matrone plight Junction City, KS

When should i start applying for job before my ETS date

I want to apply for federal jobs along with state job and local police department jobs but not sure when to.

3 months ago Military to Civilian Transition 2 answers


Adebola Henry osinowo Oceanside, CA

The majority of my service time were in Infantry, Drill Instructor, a little time with MarSoc, and as a Senior Enlisted Advisor. I want to serve in the capacity of being a mentor/Manager of some sorts... What field am I most suited for? Thanks in advance for your much needed guidance.

After a rewarding active duty career in the United States Marine Corps, I am motivated and excited for the next chapter of my life. I...

3 months ago Military to Civilian Transition 14 answers


Neal Dacaymat Honolulu, HI

What is the best time frame to apply for jobs when transitioning from the military?

I believe i am setting myself up quite well for the transition from military to civilian. I would like to know what the ideal time...

4 months ago Military to Civilian Transition 5 answers

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