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Questions about Resumes & Cover Letters


April Durrant Oceanside, CA

Addressing resume gaps between AD service and 12 yr career

Hello and thank you for reading, Background: I served AD from 1999 to 2005. After separation I had a job from 2005 to 2006, then a different type of...

9 months ago Resumes & Cover Letters 11 answers


Zhuojing Xie Dupont, WA

Resume' help (looking for Software engineer job)

I currently doing finance job as a Private Equity analyst and working on my master degree in Computer Science. I didn't obtained my computer science...

10 months ago Resumes & Cover Letters 3 answers


Franklin Rossetti Arlington, VA

Resume Format and Writing

Good Afternoon, I am looking for some assistance with my resume format and some of the creative writing within. I have been in the Army...

11 months ago Resumes & Cover Letters 4 answers


Robert Buck Jacksonville, FL

Real Estate Investing on My Resume?

Hello all, Over the course of my career in the military I’ve made a successful side gig of renting out each of the houses...

11 months ago Resumes & Cover Letters 8 answers


Chris Wilkerson Oklahoma City, OK

Resume Help

Good Afternoon, I've been job hunting and haven't been receiving to many call backs recently. I was just reaching out to see if anyone could...

one year ago Resumes & Cover Letters 5 answers


Oscar Velasco Kathleen, GA

Are there any good resume bullet writers that can assist?

I need help writing strong, impacting, and short resume bullets.

one year ago Resumes & Cover Letters 4 answers


Tyler Birrittella Virginia Beach, VA

Resume help - Operator to Sales

I am set to transition from the military in a couple months and am seriously considering a career in sales. While I have utilized many...

one year ago Resumes & Cover Letters 4 answers


Joe Hetrick Winter Garden, FL

Tailoring Resume Help

First off, thank you to all the mentors who volunteer at ACP, I am thankful. I am looking for assistance in tailoring my resume. I...

one year ago Resumes & Cover Letters 4 answers


Lisa Ceron Richlands, NC

Cover letter or no cover letter?

I recently heard that employers seldom look at the cover letter. Is that true? If so, that's very disappointing because I spend a lot of...

one year ago Resumes & Cover Letters 10 answers


Christopher Kinard Mesa, AZ

Resume' help

I have been going through a career change and have had trouble gaining traction with potential employers. I would appreciate any help in reviewing my...

one year ago Resumes & Cover Letters 6 answers

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