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Resume Help for Older Retiree


Smith N Wesson Riverview, FL

Bottom line upfront: I've been retired Army since 2014 but challenges have kept me out of the workforce.

I retired in 2014 with ~33yrs of continuous active duty service. E1-E7, (OCS) O1-O5. MOS: Infantry and Special Forces/RGR REGT.

Since my retirement: I've been battling Kidney Cancer, caring for my elderly parents and finally being able to participate in one of my last children's (my Son's) scholastic experiences (he grad HS this year/2022).

My question/challenge is that now I want to re-enter the job market at 63.5yo. My TS/SCI and even Secret security clearances are long expired - all coupled with no work experience since AUG 2014 (Army retirement). Although I have a reume dtd 2014, i was wondering what to put down on my resume for 2014-2022?. I can imagine I'd just put the above honest "dog ate my homework" narrative but looking for possible other (moral/ethical) options. Additionally, I want to work in the greater Tampa Bay/Sarasota area.

Thx in advance!
Respectfully, kah

23 July 2022 4 replies Resumes & Cover Letters



Richard Byrne Hillsborough, NJ

One way to describe inactive interval:
"Retired as U.S. Army, Lieutenant Colonel
Recently decided to begin a post retirement career."

I've added links to information & videos under these sections of my EE webpage that might be useful: - traverse to find dream career - see education, GI-Bill & VRRAP - Profile, 1 yr. FREE premium LinkedIn - commercial job searches - Gov. jobs - see transferrable skills - DOD COOL - Vet. Owned Small Business - be your own boss?

Result of a "Officers, Special Forces" Fed Gov Job search (1 job) :

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Commercial "Executive C level" job search location: Sarasota, Fl. (377jobs):

Recommended steps:
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Supplement skills with training & certifications..

24 July 2022 Helpful answer


Henry ("Dr. Hank") Stevens Fort Lauderdale, FL

Greetings Kevin - and thank you for your service!

If I may be so bold, as resumes are crafted with an objective in mind, I suggest that you may have the cart before the horse. That is, to just cut to the chase, I suggest that you FIRST step back and identify your talents and then seek opportunities that will let those talents shine! That is, answer this question: "What do I WANT to do with the rest of my life?"

As a vocational counselor and human resources professional (for many years), I find that almost every applicant and an employer wants to focus on experience and education. That is too bad because whether looking to fill a position or seeking other employment, the real question is, from the employers' perspective, "What are the TALENTS necessary to do this job?"; and from the applicants' perspective, "What are MY talents and how do they fit in with the demands of the job?"

If you are nodding your head so far, then consider this: having a "good education" means that you CAN learn. Having an appropriate exposure to past like-experiences means . . . . well . . . . not much. But, if you have the talent (which cannot be taught) then you have the necessary building blocks that neither education nor experience can provide.

One simple example: If you were to be hiring for a receptionist position, do you want someone who is an introvert or an extrovert? Would you want someone who is shy or outgoing? I think the answer is apparent as extroversion and an outgoing nature cannot be taught in the classroom or from experience.

All of which baits the question, JUST WHAT ARE YOUR TALENTS?

Almost the first thing I do, when taking on a new client, is to have them take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). That provides an initial assessment of someone's inherent talents. At the bottom of this note, I have provided you with a link to a FREE assessment tool. It helps you come to grips with defining YOUR talents and provides some good ideas about the career direction someone with your combination of talents should look into.

If you want my thinking about the results of this assessment (also FREE to fellow Vets!), please provide me with the letter and numbers associated with each of them. It should look something like I - 20, N - 45, T - 28, & J - 10. Feel free to contact me off this channel at

TALENT trumps education and experience every time!

Here is the link:


Smith N Wesson Riverview, FL

Thx for the response...not looking for jobs per se but trying to craft a resume bullet for 2014-2022


Bill Richards New York, NY

To be honest it might be tough. The one area that comes to mind is being a Financial Advisor at one of the big firms like Merrill or Morgan Stanley where you are living.
Good luck.

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