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How can I make the skills I have now applicable to a unrelated job


Catherine Christine San Antonio, TX

My goal is to go to college to get a software engineer associate degree for me to be able to employ the hard skills the career provides, to then go to a four year school and focus on Arts and Marketing. BUT I have a conundrum, I'm an LPN, and I don't like being a nurse, it's not my passion. Which also means I'm starting from scratch. I'll be attending school in August 2023 and would like to have a stable job for me to be able to support myself. A desk job such as administrative or human resources, or something that I would be outdoors for. I need advice on how to better improve my resume when I apply to jobs that have nothing to do nursing. They can see that I'm willing to be trained in anything and can employ the skills that I have now into the jobs. Pay is very important for me, I'm looking for jobs that pay more than $19 an hour.

31 March 2023 4 replies Career Exploration



ACP AdvisorNet Staff New York, NY

Hi Catherine, there are a number of resources you can look into for free or very low-cost IT education. Vets Who Code (, Vet TEC, ACT Now Education (find on LinkedIn and check out their calendar of free trainings), and Onward 2 Opportunity are good places to start. For internship opportunities, it looks like there is a tech company in your area that participates in SkillBridge (, and you can also look into Hiring Our Heroes' corporate fellowships. If you have questions about the specifics of any of these programs, please feel free to reach out to your ACP point of contact for more information!

3 April 2023 Helpful answer


Joe Engle Indianapolis, IN

Hello Catherine. It's nice you have a wide array of interests, Art, Media, Engineering and Politics. I always recommend pursuing your passion, as it requires time and money for education, and time as a career! The good news is you are young, and it is no problem moving away from nursing and following your passion. Maybe pursue your career passion and your other interests could be hobbies.

I think your best possibilities of obtaining a position, right now, would be a marketing/sales position, followed by a software engineering position. You need to get your foot in the door for any field. It is doable without experience or education, but it generally means looking in smaller towns/markets/companies, that would not be the first choice for someone with experience/education. That said, there is always a demand for sales people, and there are lots of positions in the San Antonio area. (check and other sites) Get some entry experience, take some courses, and then you will be all set to move up after that. Regarding software, learn some languages and do some projects on your own, and get some certifications. That would be needed for an entry position, requiring a time investment, but minimal money investment.

Regarding your question of how to build a resume with nursing experience. A resume is your advertising flyer about yourself. Some portion of a resume, maybe 15% to 20% can be personal qualities, not related to experience/education. That means highlighting personal qualities and skills like, being responsible, a team player, conscientious, task oriented, leadership, etc. Nureses are extremely responsible and detail oriented. The armed services develop team players, that are mission oriented, etc. These skills are important for many jobs.

I put together a resume writing document to help veterans entering the workforce. If you are interested, message me and I will sent it to you.

Many thanks for your service Catherine.

1 April 2023 Helpful answer


John Porell East Hartford, CT

Hi Catherine
If you short term goal is to get out of nursing have you considered a Software Engineering boot camp as opposed to the degree. This would be a lower commitment of time and if completed can make you employable in the software field. It also has the advantage of a high level of remote opportunities.

31 March 2023 Helpful answer


Catherine Christine San Antonio, TX

I have considered a Software Engineering bootcamp but I do not have the funds to pay the course at the moment. Are there companies that offer apprenticeships?

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