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Can somebody help me translate military duties to civilian language?


Loren Mein Auburn, WA

I am looking for a job that is related to the Bachelors degree that i just received.

23 September 2020 9 replies Career Exploration



Samuel Lopez Silver Spring, MD

I’d be glad to help. Just send me a message.

Just as important, you have to ween yourself off of military jargon and acronyms. I cant tell you how many very qualified Vets I see blow it because my interview panel partners didn’t understand a word the candidate said. True story.

16 October 2020 Helpful answer


Gabriel Hoffman Dayton, OH

Please update your post to specify the degree and what sort of work you are looking for. Then someone knowledgeable in that area can help.

24 September 2020 Helpful answer


George Hogan Westport, CT

Good afternoon Loren_

2 quick points:
1) Google had a capability to enter your MOS and have it translated in to civilian/commercial friendly, analogous language. I would recommend trying that and see if it sparks any thoughts or ideas for you to make your own.
2) As a Tech Sergeant, I would presume that you have both led teams and achieved results. I would take a step further and suggest that you have done both under trying circumstances. If you can describe how you led teams to solve problems (further complicated by the environment in which you operated) and achieved results, people will want to work with you.


cathy salerno Flemington, NJ

Hi Loren, Thank you for your service! I responded to a similar question a few minutes ago and here's what I said... One suggestion I've made to other military guys is to frame your experience as they relate to leadership imperatives. Most big companies use "leadership imperatives" to help communicate what they are looking for in employees and for training. If you google the phrase you'll see a number of examples such as "connect", "lead", "deliver", etc. Showing how your military experience has given you skills in these attributes can help to translate what you've done to a private sector need. Give examples of what you've done in the military that lines up with these attributes. Often the sort of thing you all have done might sound scary to a non-military person and could be off-putting in a resume. By speaking in "private sector" language you can translate your experience in a way that relates to private sector. I'd be happy to help further -- just message me
Best regards,


Jose Roman Norfolk, VA


Dont leave us in suspense. Should we guess at this degree?


Jim Schreier Milwaukee, WI

This is an interesting question -- and one I've helped several veterans address with their resumes and interview prep. It comes from an interesting perspective. My military service was after I'd graduated from college with a degree in Business, Human Resources. That education and those experiences were tasked by my commanders in each of my assignments, even during initial boot camp. So found it easy to connect the duties with a civilian perspective during and after service. I'd be happy to examine your resume and point out things you can do!


Jeff Martin Ashburn, VA

I suggest that you network at a target company or industry. Use LinkedIn to find people already working there and reach out to them. Ask them the process they used to get hired and ask them to help you navigate the hiring process and if they are willing, ask them to submit you as a referral. These activities require much more time on your part but in my opinion would greatly increase your chances for success. Good luck!


Steve Adolt Lancaster, PA


I'd be happy to help.

Look at my calendar here and pick a time.

I'll send you a zoom link and let's chat.



Ilka Farley Anna, OH

Hi Loren,

What is your education background? There are some organizations that are very good at translating resumes.
Hire Heroes is one of those organizations. My understanding is that they will do it at no cost.

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