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Establishing a Coaching and Consulting Business


Dennis Waters Gaithersburg, MD

First of all, I was encouraged to write this question by the question and the answers posted on this site by others. Thanks to all of you for what you contribute to the lives of others. Blessings to all. Next, I have started an executive coaching and consulting business. The intent of this was to do both from the standpoint of what is called adult ego developmental and growth. This involved the leader growing as a person. The type of growth is the type articulated as self-actualization by Maslow, individuation by Jung, the becoming of one's authentic self, and the idea of the end result of achieving the goal at the end of the hero's journey by Campbell. All of these allowed the leader to discover the hidden strengths/abilities/resources within his/her self, to tap these powers and to deal with those things which previously held the individual and/or organization back. I am a coach trained by the John Maxwell Group, Certified as such, have completed all of the course work for a PhD in industrial/organizational psychology with a specialty in executive leadership development and coaching, and who has a doctorate of ministry and 40 plus years of ministerial experience. What I want to know from those who are here, is whether or not the ideas of individuals who had previously not held leadership roles in the military becoming leaders in civilian life, as a result of coaching and training is a viable possibility? That is have you seen individuals who have at any time display leadership qualities which prior to that moment, you had not suspected they had, and can such individuals be trained further to function in leadership roles in the civilian population? This is one area I would like to establish a coaching and consulting business. If you have ideas on how to establish such please let me know. Thanks!!!

26 August 2019 3 replies Leadership & Management




I founded organized and successfully run a nation-wide executive consulting & training firm for some 30 years. Sounds like you have the necessary credentials, training and experience required. First thing: Draft a proposed brochure: After all, you will need to SELL, SELL, SELL to get paying clients. Revise it at least five times to hone it down and include your best photograph, C/V and the "bullet points" of your presentations. Take a look at competing firm's brochures to get ideas.
Expect to have to fund your program for 4 months with no income and two years before it becomes self sufficient.

Good luck.

2 September 2019 Helpful answer


Tina Rispinto Charlotte, NC

I am presently working in this field right now. Connect with me offline at

happy to discuss further

27 August 2019 Helpful answer


nancy ouellette Cary, NC

Hi Dennis! How wonderful it is to run into another JMT family member out here! In short, yes you can absolutely do this! You have amazing credentials but as John and the rest of our mentors would tell you... We have had a stay at home moms, grandmothers looking to "start their career", individuals with disabilities, etc. make a very strong life for themselves by simply having the desire to learn, pour into others, and change the world for the better. In the coaching field, people invest in YOU, your story, and your ability to truly "connect" with them. I had a lot of fancy credentials while working in finance for nearly 20 years, and exactly NONE of them are looked at when I provide training, speaking, or coaching services. I'd highly encourage you if you are not already looped into the coaching calls with our instructors that you get plugged into the facebook groups where you can get more direct coaching on how to build up your business and brand. If you want to connect more directly, I'd welcome the chat and would love to connect with another JMTer! I can be reached at

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