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Enrolling into a DBA program


Alfred Thomas Charlotte, NC

Good Morning All,

I was wondering what resources are out there for helping one to enroll in grad school. The plan is to enroll in the DBA with a concentration in Marketing at UNCC for next year. I have hit a lot of roadblocks. I have done the following:
-I message the school SVA and he told me he couldn't help me until I become a student
- I called the VA and they kept sending me to different numbers
-I asked the question in the veteran mentor network and no responses

I don't know what other resources to reach out to. If you can recommend some resources to help then I will be very appreciative. I am looking for help with my statement of purpose. Want a second set of eyes to look at it to see if it makes sense and give me recommendation on how to improve it.

8 November 2021 7 replies Education & Training



Komlan Ahavi Tampa, FL

Hello Alfred,

I’m a DBA student and I can tell you that you have to follow the school admission process. You will have to let them know if you are using a GI bill and make sure they are in the yellow ruban program as the program could be expensive and the GI bill alone will not cover it all. I don’t know much about the school you are planning to attend but you can reach out to me if you need to brainstorm.


Kent Watson Monticello, FL

Hello Mr. Alfred, Thank you for your service on behalf of a grateful Nation! Multiple paths can be found to success. Suspect that having education and experience is the traditional path. Please be careful about acronyms when communicating with business, industry, or the trades. For example, DBA can mean - Doctor of Business Administration, Doing Business As, DBA is not a legal entity, DBA can be more specific than a Master of Business Administration degree. Researching and problem solving can be used in most career fields as well as strong interpersonal skills. US Small Business Administration can give advice on loans, startup, minority owned business, women owned business, mentor/protégé relationships in business, and grant opportunities. Nearby would SBA in Columbia, South Carolina or Beaufort, South Carolina. SBA also provides free counseling and low-cost training to new entrepreneurs. SBA can help you to find out incubators for business near you. SBA has an Interagency Task Force on Veterans Small Business Development and would know of tie-ins with universities for business development centers. Just a couple of ideas. Best of Luck! Kent T. Watson, National Security Consultant


Mike Salaka New York, NY

Like Matt said, the best is to reach out to where you can find ambassadors willing to help. I am DBA student at Baruch College at the City University of New York. If you have packet ready, have somebody look at it and just apply, and recommend to speak to the admission directly.


Louis Schwarz Somerville, NJ

Hi Alfred.
Marketing seems to be your future. I like your picture, you look like a marketer, good presentation. Start with a marketing degree. Marketing touches many disciplines. See what minor fits your goals, and take it. You are holding back, so take the first step. Marketing is a great major. Start at any college that fits your needs and expand from there. Your Navy experience is valuable and will be what you fall back on many time. A Marketing degree will open more doors for you, so you may change your goals. Life is change, so go with it, don't knitch, for you will become a target. Take the ride and keep your head up.


Lori York Lakeville, MN

Good morning, Alfred,

Can you further explain what types of resources you are seeking?

Perhaps stating the obvious, but working directly with an Admission Representative at the University would be a natural first step if you are curious at their admission process, pre-reqs, timelines, etc.

What kind of information are you seeking from VA? Questions about your education benefit status?

You may reach out to me directly.

Lori York


Jerry Welsh Middleville, MI

What are your eventual plans with the DBA? Are you currently working to gain entrance into a college or university stetting? Most of the time a doctorate degree is used in higher education and without experience in teaching at that level with a Masters it may be difficult to get footing after the PhD is obtained.
There might be a need in the research are for product marketing, but I would do some research that lays out what the entry level positions require prior to jumping into pure marketing research. Thank you for your service and God Bless.


Matt Johnson Chicago, IL

Mild surprise that the SVA wasn't able to help since helping with recruiting is a big component of the club but the VA is terrible so no surprise there. Perhaps you need to rephrase your questions to ask about specific resources or

In the case of grad school enrollment, you should reach out to Service2School:
They have ambassadors across schools who provide advice on admissions, testing, and other support to transitioning eterans.

In terms of career path discernment prior to grad school, MBAmission provides excellent free career guides:

You'll definitely need to work backwards as you craft your pitch for grad school. Define your long-term goal to best you are able, then chart a path from your a post-graduation short-term career goal, then show why that school is best for you to achieve this goal using your understanding from primary research and conversations with current students.

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