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Looking for help for my resume


Ruben Rivera Stafford, VA

Hello everyone,

I have four classes left to finish my Bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland in Software Development/Security. I plan on graduating possibly in the spring or summer of 2023. I need to optimize my resume, portfolio, online presence and I'm just horrible at it. I have contacted a few individuals, or organizations about fixing my resume within the past. I want to show that I do have prior military service and that I changed careers, so I would like to leverage my service time mostly for the soft skills and convey the message that I'm ready for the challenge to start a new career and keep learning and be a valuable asset. I do appreciate the help people gave me in the past but it's been about a year and some months since I did anything with my resume, or portfolio, and now I would like to get help from people in the tech industry, software development, security.

One thing I struggle with is what should I focus on; software development or security, do I need to have two separate templates for each or do I combine the two. Some have told me security is too difficult to get into, and I should start in software development so should I even consider security? Resumes/templates just give me a headache.

Any developers, security people, or anyone willing to help me out I really appreciate it. Thank you

27 October 2022 4 replies Resumes & Cover Letters



Jeff Melbourne Jacksonville, FL

My experience is that you should expect to have and iterate multiple versions tailored to the job/specialty you apply for. Also it helps to have a summary statement at the beginning of the resume which targets your interests.

I disagree with anyone who tells you that one field is too difficult to get into. If you have a passion that will show through, highlight what you have done/are doing in that field (Security in your question).

For security in particular, on top of your college degree major (Congratulation to you on!), I also recommend pursuing a certification like CompTia, ISC, ISACA among others to build competency and capability.


William Shontz Norristown, PA

Hi Ruben,
While I am no expert, you should have two separate resumes for the two different areas you are interested in. They should be tailored specifically to showcase your talents as they apply to not only the career field, but also the specific job posting. A generic resume is great for an indeed or monster .com come and find me site, but not for a job you are directly applying for.

Also, remember 1000 people will look at your resume and all 1000 will have a separate opinion. Be brief and specific. Utilize the STAR format ; Situation, Task, Action and Result. Lastly, keep it to two pages. Recruiters spend 6-7 seconds looking at a resume.


Richard Byrne Hillsborough, NJ

I've added links to information & videos under these sections of my EE webpage: - traverse BLS to see dream career salaries

Do job searches, examine requirements, add skills as necessary, (C++)
target versions of resume to emphasize pertinent skills.
(If you can relocate, you can do job searches using just US as the location)

Find Job Search keywords related to DOD/Military Occupation Specialties:
Go to: DOD COOL then
Select the "Go to:" button for MOS, Rating, etc as applicable
at the top of your DOD Branch Specific webpage.
Use that next webpage's presented list's scroll bar to scroll to your
specialty and then click to select it.(ie 11B, ... 94Z).
Click on the "NEXT" box to go to your specialty's webpage.
Select the specialty web-page's "RELATED OCCUPATIONS" tab.
Find civilian and federal job search keywords under the "CIVILIAN" & "FEDERAL" tabs.

(If your MOS is less pertinent to skills in your dream career, you could just
state the time interval, optionally ranks ie.: U.S. Army 1968 -1970 · Pvt to SP/5 )
[Or just leave it out entirely - You are not required to "Self Identify" as a veteran]

Commercial job search "Software Developer Intern" (12 jobs)

Commercial job search "Software Developer Entry Level " your location (59 jobs)

F. Gov search (35 jobs)

"Information security" no experience but TS/SCI clearance (1 job)

"Information Security Intern (5 jobs)

Entry level: (586 jobs)

F. Gov. (13 jobs)


Timothy Bowman Laguna Niguel, CA

Hello Ruben,
Great job in working toward your degree and 20 years of service. As for your resume, I'm not in the industry, but I recommend you have resumes emphasizing the skills required based on the advertised position. You can start with a base copy, but make adjustments to highlight desired requirements. If it is software development, frontload the education and experience therein, and list the security separately, with reversal for a security position.

For your military experience, list your units and ranks, but describe it in organization size, level of leadership, and emphasize your leadership and technical skills and accomplishments with it, focusing on numbers, improvements and innovations, efficiency, and timeliness. How much you divide this is up to you, and I recommend doing so for positions with significantly different duties.

Seek officers or civilians in the related industries that can review your resume and give you pointers on specifics. I can do a review for you, but again, it will be for general language and formatting, as I'm not in the computer industry.

Best wishes,
Tim Bowman
CWO2, US Army

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