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Trying to land a sales role, or any role, at Gartner but struggling to get to the interview. Any ideas?


David Brown Naples, FL

I’m currently a service technician at Mercedes-Benz. I’ve been a service tech for 6 years now as that was my chosen career path post military. Now, I’m ready to move on to a business career due to lack of career growth in the automotive industry. I’m struggling to portray the skills I gained in the military on resume to what a hiring manager at a company like Gartner would want to see. I’ve done some work on my LinkedIn profile, not sure it is up to par either. Any advice?

23 August 2020 5 replies General



Jeff Martin Ashburn, VA

I’d suggest that you network at the target company or industry. Use LinkedIn to find people already working there and reach out to them. Ask them the process they used to get hired and ask them to help you navigate the hiring process and if they are willing, ask them to submit you as a referral. These activities require much more time on your part but in my opinion would greatly increase your chances for success. Good luck!


David Andersen Alexandria, VA

David, I am going to be very blunt. Gartner doesn't recruit from UoP. I am not trying to say you have no chance, I am just trying to make sure you understand the uphill challenge in front of you.
A quick search on LinkedIn will show you that of the 17K+ employees at Gartner, 59 have some kind of degree from UoP, further investigation will show you that of those 59, only 3 are veterans.
The three veterans are your beachhead into the company. You need to reach out to them and begin networking. They will be most tuned into your situation. See how they can help you find a way in (search link is below).
There are also 14 who are in Florida, several of those are in sales. They are your next line. Reach out to the sales people and try to understand how you might understand what they do, and what sort of things you might be able to do to help your consideration.
Take a look at the other 42 as well, they are all quite successful, but you will notice that they all started somewhere else first, built a solid business base, and often got graduate degrees form other institutions before joining Gartner.
Once again, this does not mean you cant work there, it just means it will take work. I am happy to work with you on a strategy to get in the door if you would like.


Gary Rossi Napa, CA

Hi David - I was a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton for three years and then I had my own management consulting practice for over 15 years - here is my profile to LinkIn to start off - have you network with anyone from the Gartner Group - do an informational interview to get into the door.


David Brown Naples, FL

Thank you for your response. I would like to get into consulting. I’m currently studying business analysis. I’d ultimately like to get into a company like Gartner, they are local, into the research and advisory department. From my research on the company, they are really good about moving people around in the organization, so I’d be happy to take a sales role and then work my way over. Unless I like sales, and can develop skills and become good at it.


Sharon Parker Roanoke, TX

Hi, David - thank you for your service!

What is your career focus within a business environmnet? (for example - sales, finance, consulting, HR) What is / was your degree? (major & minor) I have many years of corporate business experience and would be glad to help any way I can!

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