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Should I get a job outside of my profession while I still try to get a job in marketing?


Soohyeon Kim San Diego, CA


I am a spouse of a Veteran, an ex-Microsoft marketer, and an immigrant from South Korea currently located in San Diego.

I am trying to get back into the marketing profession from June, but there are very few marketing specialist job openings in San Diego.

As I am from South Korea, I have received a job offer from a Korean corporation for a logistic billing position in San Diego.

My spouse says he is going to support me, but I'm afraid there may not be a chance that U.S. corporations will hire me for marketing, and it's hard not being able to support my spouse.

I am still contemplating whether I should accept the job with the Korean corporation and prepare to transfer to a marketing job. Will it burn bridges with the Korean corporation if I do?

14 September 2023 4 replies Career Advancement



Lyena Solomon Santa Clara, CA

Hi Soohyeon,

You are the only person who can answer the question if you should take the job offer. If you believe that it is the only offer you will ever get, maybe it is a good idea to take it. What if you take a job and find a job in marketing? Will you quit then? How is that better?

It is also possible you will be miserable every day because you hate the job that you do not like. Or, you might love it and be thankful that you do not have to be in marketing anymore.

It is all up to you. Perhaps, your husband can talk through your options with you and help you decide. He knows you.

Whatever decision you make, will be the right one for you in this moment. Just make one. And if circumstances change, you will make another one.

Trust yourself. And go for it. Whatever "it" is.



Joe Engle Indianapolis, IN

Hello Soohyeon. I have seen many resumes where people held positions, not in their primary field of interest. In these uncertain times, it is not at all uncommon, for people to find themselves in that position. When it comes time to fill out a resume, there is no shame in showing you worked at a job to make ends meet. Any potential boss that would not understand that...might not be good to work for.

Realize that everyone looking for a job, is either unemployed, or working for a company. If you took the billing position, you could certainly spend a few hours during the the week, in the evening or weekends, searching for a marketing position. Once you have a good marketing resume prepared, it should not take much time per week job searching. Also, if you have the billing position, you can afford to be more selective about possible marketing positions.

There is no perfect answer to many of life's situations. But, if I needed the money...I would go with the job that is available, and realize that I am not 'married' to it !


Richard Byrne Hillsborough, NJ

Looks like there are many Marketing jobs meeting your #opentowork specification on LinkedIn {I added B2B & Agile from your profile}.
(be sure to use your web browser's scroll bar to scroll down to see ALL the opportunities after re-executing the Job search):
Click hyperlink below to re-execute Google Job Search:


Ramesh Nyathani Schaumburg, IL

Hello Soohyeon Kim,
First of all congratulations for the job offer you received from the Korean corporation.
It can be a complex decision, deciding whether to take a job outside of your profession while continuing to search for a role in your desired field, such as marketing. It my opinion, here are some pros and cons to consider along with factors that might influence your decision:
1. Networking Opportunities: Working in a different field or role might expose you to people who have connections in marketing or can provide references for future job applications.
2. Skill Development: You might acquire transferable skills that can be valuable in marketing. For instance, a sales role can help you understand consumer behaviors, and a customer service job might enhance your communication skills.
3. Filling Resume Gaps: Having continuous employment on your resume, even if it's outside your profession, can be preferable to extended periods of unemployment in the eyes of some employers.
4. Personal Growth: Diverse work experiences can offer personal development opportunities and a broader perspective on various industries.

1. Time Commitment: Balancing a job alongside a job search can be time-consuming, potentially slowing down your efforts to secure a role in marketing.
2. Potential Career Drift: Extended periods working outside your chosen profession might lead some employers to question your commitment to marketing.
3. Job Satisfaction: Working in a role or field that you're not passionate about might affect job satisfaction and overall well-being.

Factors to Consider:
1. Duration: If you're considering a short-term role to cover expenses while you continue your job search, it might be less impactful on your long-term career trajectory than a longer-term commitment.
2. Local Job Market: Depending on the demand for marketing roles in your area and the current economic conditions, waiting for the right marketing job might take longer than anticipated.
3. Work-life Balance: Consider the demands of the job and how it might impact your ability to search for roles in marketing.

Note: This is not a career advice, this is for educational purpose only, choosing to take a job outside of your profession is a personal decision and should be based on your individual circumstances, needs, and long-term career goals. If you opt for this route, continue networking, upskilling, and staying informed about the marketing industry to ensure you remain a competitive candidate when the right opportunity arises.

Good luck!

Ramesh Nyathani
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