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Why does age discrimination still exist? As well as being a 34 year Veteran does not help as well!


Paul Rhoades Salem, VA

Been looking to make a career change for 8 years and rejected constantly. Am a 60 year old man who can run circles around people 1/2 my age and have a wealth of leadership experience and qualifications. Asking the year I graduated, dead give away. Almost come to the conclusion to quit curl up and die. I am not like that as I will continue to seek a new career 60 or not!

14 November 2019 7 replies Career Advancement



Jo Prabhu Long Beach, CA

Discrimination is a widely used term but in today's environment its not just about your age but about what you can do at your age.


Robert Collom Lawrenceville, GA

Paul: I am with you brother. I've been there many times. I've traded in my hat for a new career many times. Each time I have started out at the bottom. But I quickly move up because of my work ethic. Starting out at the bottom means taking the bottom pay and not even mentioning your work experience in other areas. They simply don't care about work experience that has nothing to do with your new career field.

So picture this: Psychiatric Counselor to Carpenter to Construction Manager to Watchmaker to Superintendent to Photographer to Professor to Building Inspector. Each had nothing to do with the others. But I got bored, burnt out, and wanted to learn something completely new. Each time working with kids that were younger than my kids. But each time I quickly surpassed the kids and moved into management.

So how to start out a new career. Research the field on the internet. Learn all you can there. Volunteer if that applies. Get experience any way you can - including books or videos. Take an entry level job. And try not to smile too big as you surpass the youngsters....


Steve Adolt Lancaster, PA


I understand your frustration.

Having said that, I can think of at least four areas that your background lends itself to. The first question that needs to be answered is: what do you want / need from this change?

The rest of the questions fall out of that one answer and I'd love the opportunity to explore this with you.

Please PM me here or reach out to me directly at


Steve Adolt


Paul Rhoades Salem, VA

Thanks to all of you...great advice and have already put some wheels in action! Appreciate all of you!!! Have a great week!


Jeremy Serwer Woodstock, CT

Hello Mr. Rhoades,

Philip mentions something very important below, upon which a new career can be built:

"I have worked with companies that bring back retirees as consultants but would never hire someone that age out the gate."

At 53 I finished my second corporate career, abruptly. I immediately went out to my entire network (business, personal, volunteer, etc) and canvassed to small and then ever larger contract work. It became a business (sole proprietorship LLC) and I'm STILL at it (a healthy number of years beyond 53!).

If as we age they want us only as consultants, fine by me.


Philip Mullins Richmond, TX

Its an interesting challenge. I have worked with companies that bring back retirees as consultants but would never hire someone that age out the gate. I do know that finding a job on a job board or online is not an effective approach for people our age. I suggest you find the place where you want to work, find and develop a relationship with someone working there and try to get on the inside from the inside. Otherwise, I think you have to hope someone values experience and leadership qualities and happens to see your resume. Don't give up! But do something different. Doing the same thing and getting the same result is a signal to try something different! As a Navy fellow once told me, if your ship has not come in, swim out to it. Good luck !


Jo Prabhu Long Beach, CA

As a Recruiter and Senior myself, age is not a stated requirement but its really the skill, talent, ability, capability and adaptability that determines one's role and inclusion into any current or future workforce. I find that many Seniors like me find its easier to adjust my mindset that I will be reporting to and taking direction from younger folk as they are the ones who are born into today's technology at their fingertips and its they who will be driving and determining tomorrow's future which is moving at lightning speed! I no longer seek leadership and am glad to continue to be employable, but its the learning from younger folk and especially the time I spend with my 12-year-old grandson, to whom I reach out for tech support that I learn to use new technology and I am happy to get paid far less in order to just be included!

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