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Daniel Ramirez


Military Service

U.S. Army Reserve Sergeant


12 years served


Seeking a career in general business


Anchorage, AK

About Daniel

At age 18, I was finally getting my life back on track after failing to graduate from Highschool on time as appropriate. At age 18, I self enrolled into an alternative school to finish my classes required for Highschool. I completed the program in December 2007, while working a full time job in the evenings. I worked 6 days a week, went to school 5 days a week. Nearing the completion of the school program, I began looking into enrolling in the Army. I had ambitions to continue on to other challenging tasks. I finally decided to enlist in January 2008 in the Army Reserves. I chose the MOS, Psychological Operations, because the name sounded awesome. Army reserves was my best choice because I can serve, and use the benfits for college. The details about the MOS painted a picture of a job that required critical thinking, strategy, and physical standards required of "front line" troops. The MOS has not disappointed and am glad I decided on that MOS. I have deployed to Iraq in 2008-2009, and Afghanistan in 2012-2013. In 2014, I attended a 6 month Police Academy in Central California. I self-sponsored myself, as there was near zero existence of Police Dept.'s hiring, much less sponsoring any propsective employees to an Academy. I graduated 2nd in class, and received several awards for various acheivements. Shortly after graduating, I did receive several Job offers and decided with a small department in a small town with high crime. Unfortunately, I only worked there for a few months, and did not complete field training propation because I was ordered to go to South Korea for a trainin excercise, and my wife's family had some medical emergencies. Without disclosing any personal information regarding who and what medical emergencies, our family decision was to move closer to "them" so my wife can be with them for any worst case scenario. Upon arriving to Anchorage, I dedicated my time to finishing college, and work fulltime. I was hired in a telecom company as a customer service representative at the time. I was knew to telecom, and volunteered to do any additional job duties that were available. I eventually was entrusted with many complex projects, that promoted my name to higher levels of management. In mid 2017, the director of my department volunteered me for a project involving high level executives, and something called Federal Acquisition Regulations. My task was to document responses in an assessment of our compliance. I assigned my self to really read and understand the Federal Acquisition Regulations so I can have an idea of what I was really suppose to do. Because of my effort to understand the subject, I inevitably became the subject matter expert within the department and to a certain extent the entire company. My effort and psotiive impression I had on our V.P.'s and other high level executives resulted in a job offer with our Legal & Regulatory department. I became a Compliance Administrator for all Public Sector Contracts. I was also in charge of updating the registration in the System for Award Management for all the entities in our corporation conducting Government Business. Because of the progress I made with processes and compliance with our organization and regulations, I was promoted to another team within the department, Lands & Leasing, that was in need of processes improvements, and renewing many expired leases that had our communications towers across Alaska. I have been making progress in this new subject area, and now I review and assure compliance with our Government Contracts for leased land for our communication satellites/towers and notify all entities as is required for projects etc.

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