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Karthikaa Baskar


Military Service

U.S. Air Force First Lieutenant


8 years served


Seeking a career in general business


San Pedro, CA

About Karthikaa

I'm Karthikaa Baskar, and I have a diverse background with a strong dedication to service, education, and personal growth. Here's a brief overview of my service history, passions, education, and more:

Service History:
I've had the privilege of volunteering and serving in various capacities. For instance, during my time as an Analyst at VETSA CONSULTANCY SERVICES, I conducted assessments and made recommendations that significantly improved data security and operational efficiency.

My passion lies in making a positive impact on my community and beyond. As the Founder and CEO of NEVEREVERALONE, I'm deeply committed to addressing critical issues such as domestic violence. Through the development of a purpose-driven mobile app, I aim to provide a robust support ecosystem for individuals who have suffered from domestic violence. This mission reflects my unwavering dedication to helping others and effecting meaningful change.

I'm proud to hold an MBA in Strategic Management and Leadership from COVENTRY UNIVERSITY, where I achieved the distinction. This educational background underscores my commitment to excellence and my desire to enhance my leadership and strategic thinking skills.

Skills and Expertise:
My resume showcases a diverse skill set, including data analysis, stakeholder management, CRM, delegation, skills management, communication, innovation, change management, business strategy, negotiation, scheduling, and problem-solving. These skills highlight my versatility and ability to excel in various roles.

In summary, I am a motivated individual with a strong educational foundation, a passion for service and making a difference, and a wide range of skills that enable me to excel in my professional endeavors. My commitment to addressing social issues through innovative solutions, as seen in my role at NEVEREVERALONE, underscores my dedication to creating positive change in the world.

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