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How to Fund Your Retirement As a Veteran

Military to Civilian Transition

Preparing for retirement is an important part of the aging process. Everyone who has served wants and deserves to be able to leave the workforce in order to enjoy their golden years in peace. Although being a Veteran comes with its benefits, comfortable life after retirement is the result of careful planning and hard work. There are several ways one can prepare to retire with adequate funds and the security that it brings. Here are some examples of how Veterans can bolster their savings for retirement.

Understand Your Benefits

As someone who has sacrificed a lot for the sake of their country, it only makes sense to reward your efforts. An important first step to take would be to apply for your Military ID card. Although there is a process you need to go through and qualifications to pass, obtaining this card will help with financial challenges such as legal assistance, education benefits, and store/restaurant discounts.

Healthcare as a veteran is another benefit to your service. In order to check your eligibility, you can enroll online or in-person at a local VA Medical Center. All veterans who qualify will pay low-to-no-cost health care, although the majority qualify for no-cost. This type of health care also covers mental health care and long-term care.

Life Insurance Can Aid Your Finances

Life insurance is typically associated only with its original purpose of providing your loved ones with resources after your death, and this remains the primary focus of life insurance policies. They are also often used to secure funding for your funeral or other memorial services. However, investing in the right choice of life insurance policy can prove key to your financial future, as well. Term life policies provide coverage only for a finite period of time and have a static payout upon your passing, which makes them an appealing option later in life.

However, participating whole life insurance plans, like those offered by bankonyourself, provide coverage indefinitely. Such a policy lasts from the time you receive the policy until you pass, regardless of the timeframe, as long as monthly payments are made. While these policies are technically more expensive, this model expands the value of the policy the longer that it remains in effect. You can also withdraw funds from this kind of life insurance policy, much like a bank account. While it still serves the purpose of providing support for your loved ones when you no longer can, it can also help you live out your retirement in safety.

A Retirement Fund Is Essential

On a similar note, a retirement fund is a method of saving for retirement by paying a monthly fee. However, there are some key differences. A retirement fund is grown over time by taking a portion of your pay from each paycheck and depositing it into an account. This account will then also accrue interest, a certain percentage of the amount in the account, every month. There are also retirement funds for those who served in the military. The amount of compensation you will receive varies, but it will likely be based on how long you served the country. Retirement funds are typically the driving force in paying for retirement, so keep this in mind.

Manage Your Savings Account

Savings Accounts are a feature of any bank you may happen to use, and they serve a few key functions that differentiate them from a checking account. For starters, a savings account is separated from your checking account in order to prevent any accidental spending and to discourage deliberate use of your savings. This simple change in the setup can often protect you from yourself. Savings accounts, like the above methods, also build in value over time. A savings account will accrue interest each month, again a portion of the existing account balance. Savings accounts are typically used for more short term goals like buying a car or a house, but it can serve as an effective retirement fund alternative if the need arises. Since a savings account can build upon itself with interest, and since it can be deposited into as much or as little as you want, it’s the option with the most flexibility, as well, but this can be for the better or for the worse.

Saving money is always a difficult task, as it takes favorable circumstances, willpower, and consistency to let your money build slowly without spending it. However, each of these methods helps you save rather than spend in its own ways. What matters most is that this guide has gotten you thinking about how best to save money for your twilight years. These tips can help you start making better financial decisions now in order to prosper later.

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