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Tips for Going Back to School

Education & Training

For those who are interested in furthering their education, the idea of going back to school can feel intimidating and terrifying. While educational pursuits can feel like a huge undertaking, they can also yield incredible and life-changing benefits. Here are some useful strategies to make the road to furthering your education a bit less bumpy.

Utilize Flexible, Online Programs

Traditional, on-campus programs can be impossible for many. With the introduction of online programs came unique opportunities to learn new skills and gain more knowledge with flexibility. While there are still high standards and set requirements within the program, these can often be managed around your schedule. Due to your professional schedule or personal obligations, in-person and time-bound programs may be impossible, but you can often achieve the same degree through online programs like a MSU civil engineering degree. Having the flexibility to balance work around your schedule can provide you with the opportunity of achieving a degree without the requirements of time or location hindrances.

Find the Right Program

Finding the right fit for your online program is key which can ensure alignment with your circumstances and lifestyle. While finding a program that interests you and grabs your attention is useful, if the program is time-bound and inflexible, this may present problems. To find the right fit, you must assess the factors that make a program desirable, such as the courses, time commitment, structure, and diversity of learners. If these are aligned with what you are looking for, you are more likely to enjoy it and alleviate some of the stress from pursuing knowledge.

Maintain Balance

Maintaining a balanced schedule can prove to be a significant challenge due to juggling many priorities. It is critical to understand that you will need to take breaks and create time and space for yourself even as you maintain these competing priorities. While it may not feel there are enough hours in the day, if you push through your fatigue consistently, you can quickly find yourself burning out of your program. Make sure as you consider your schedule you find time to take care of yourself to remain healthy and happy.

Have Honest Conversations at Work

Communication is critical in your pursuit of further education, as you will need this to navigate the process. As you look to take on your educational program, sitting down and having an honest conversation with your supervisor about your goals will be useful. While you should not go into the conversation expecting leniency with work, as this would be unreasonable, they may offer you support and options as you pursue your program. At the very least, this is a good starting point to discuss your professional progression and whether this program can impact your trajectory. Don’t forget to use your network, as well. Whether this is your manager or colleagues, others have taken on educational programs while working, and they may have useful advice for you.

Set Goals

As you look to embark on your program, setting goals for yourself will be crucial. These goals could be related to the completion of your program, advancements in your career due to the coursework, or taking part in self-care during this time. Regardless of what goals you embrace, consider reasonable goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound), so that you understand the progress and parameters of when you have achieved success.

Establish a Support Network

Furthering your education can be a substantial step for many people and can at times feel stressful. This is why it is critical to set up a support network. Whether this is family, partner, colleagues, or friends, it is important to have a community of people who can encourage you and provide assistance as you balance all of your priorities. Having that support will be crucial to helping you push through your educational venture.

Furthering your education can be incredibly beneficial to your personal and professional life. While educational programs can be built for flexibility, it is also important to understand that there will still be quite a lot to balance. Finding strategies and supports to get you through will prove necessary and can help you down the road of success.

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