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Why is Data Science Growing in Significance?

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Data Science, is apart from shaping business successes has given wings to many individual dreams. The technological landscape has undergone a paradigm shift in the recent past, and there is an apparent tilt towards data-intensive approaches. Data, the new kid on the block, has taken the whole planet by its stride. All businesses which plan to do business in the future have to re-work on their data strategy. It is a major tech disruption which one cannot dare to ignore. A clear strategy, a highly skilled team, a motivating culture, and the heart to take risks will define your level of success. The catch will not just to decide the next move, but also be able to visualize the future in terms of tech and market trends to turn the tide to your favor.

Let's try to figure out why so much hype?

The innovations and technological breakthroughs which have completely turned around the way of doing business and also survival in the market going forward are all based on the huge data explosion. The global Datasphere, as it is largely being referred to, is in a continuous mode of expansion. Datasphere basically is the total of all the points where the data is generated, collected, or replicated. The hype is not unfounded and is backed by strong predictions and latest trends which suggest that the future is going to be centered around data. The Data Age 2025 by IDC has clearly pointed there will be a data explosion in the global data by 2025, and it will swell to a gigantic figure of around 175 Zettabytes. Whoa! This is Big.

The Role of Data Science and Data Scientist

PwC’s latest report states that by 2020, nearly 2.7 million jobs will be created in the line of data science and analytics. This is just the beginning, and the predictions are not looking past the next decade, so you can imagine the real jobs which will emerge by 2030, are nowhere in existence as yet. You should have by now got a fair estimate about what this is all squaring up to and the question which got us started as to why data science matters, has been addressed. If not, then it better to explore how data science will and is already working wonders for businesses around the world.

Advantages of Data Science to Businesses

More Informed Decisions: Data analytics have emerged as the most trusted strategic advisor by the businesses. It presents the top management some real-time insights and various performance metrics which give a lift to the analytics ability and hence more informed business decisions are made based on real facts and figures. Data analytics thus, when used with a streamlined approach can be a potent source of competitive advantage. Many businesses across the world have used these for bringing about business transformation and hence redefining customer experiences.

Identification of Market Trends: This is one of the major uses of data science and analytics. It draws patterns and enumerates trends hidden in large data sets. This comes in very handy when you have to gauge the new market trends and design your moves accordingly. Once these are accurately pinned, they are highly important for gaining a clear competitive edge as you can plan future product launches accordingly.

Increase in Efficiency: Another key use of data science, which cannot be brushed aside is its ability to significantly improve the operational effectiveness and the overall performance of the business. It is by the inputs from various algorithms and figures the management can measure the overall effectiveness of the marketing efforts, the output of various departments, financial forecasts, cost, and inventory analysis, etc. Accurate and timely information helps save resources and reduce wastage of efforts.

Designing Data-driven plans: Many favorable changes to the business structure and strategy are now possible due to data science. The analytics presents various factors which allow for checking of scalability and flexibility in decision-making. Businesses are now able to back their moves by quantifiable data evidence. This helps in risk-assessment and allow to factor in the same in the business plans. Also, businesses re now able to forecast the demand more precisely, especially for big supply chains and many large retail giants. Thus, even the effectiveness of delivery and distribution is enhanced. Ultimately this leads to better products and services, which brings in more value to the customers.

Enhanced Audience Targeting: All businesses are done keeping in mind the target audience. Data science algorithms and techniques help leverage customer information like their browsing histories, purchase behavior by giving actionable insights on these. Every digital visit of your potential customer is full of insights which are not visible to the human eye and intelligence. Based on the browsing data, many accurate predictions can be made by combining the existing data with many other data points. Data science helps in recognizing patterns in raw customer data which enumerate very useful customer information. Such timely insights help businesses make sound decisions and change of strategy.

There is no doubt to the fact that the right strategy implemented at the right time can go a long way in shaping business success. The significance of data science is bound to grow parallel to the growth of data. Data is the new religion for the world of technology. The future will be marked by processes which are being backed by data-driven innovations. The demand for data scientists will soon outstrip the supply.

Data Science is definitely going to dictate how businesses will be run and work will be conducted. It will transform not just the business models but the general way of living for the common masses. You cannot think of growth and ignore the magic of data. They will soon be synonymous. No longer have the businesses got to work on vague market trends and intuition as now as they can rest their entire strategy on data-driven analytics. Data science is growing and for young start-ups, it does take a lot of time and effort to learn about all the nuances. However, the time spent on the same is worth the effort as it can accelerate the pace of growth of your business. If you are still figuring out how and where you stand in terms of the data and is data science the only way forward.

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