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Top Skills Veterans can Market in Today’s Job World

Career Exploration

Veterans have a unique skill set that can be marketed in today's job market.

Continued Learning

People who want to go to emergency management graduate programs, can either go face-to-face or online. However, not too many schools that offer the courses. Prospective students learn about crisis reliefs and how to handle them. Graduates can work with government levels, such as Homeland Security or FEMA. If government level jobs are not an option, graduates can work for Red Cross, hospitals, or other organizations.
The average salary is $70,000 and can increase with more experiences. According to CollegeChoice ”Emergency management is a growing field.'' Arkansas State University, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and Jacksonville State University are the top choices for the traditional route of in-person learning. They’re the top choices because of the tuition fees, and the courses that are offered. Georgetown University, Thomas Jefferson University, and Adelphi University are the top selections for the online route.

Use Existing Specialities

Once the veterans are discharged from the military service, it is time to live life as normal again. According to, ”America's military vets tend to have an advantage in the job market over their non-veteran counterparts”. No matter what field any veteran chooses, he or she will definitely be employed. Trades jobs are often sought out because it is a hands-on job field. Mechanic jobs such as vehicles or aircraft are common for veterans. Other trade jobs are technician jobs. Energies technicians like wind or solar. Sterile supply technicians and construction jobs are on the rise for veterans.
Being an educator is the next choice because veterans are willing to teach what he or she learned prior. This can be from elementary, middle, or even college level. As long the veterans pass along the exams and check which states that need a teacher to be certified, he or she will guarantee work. Transportation and logistics are common because a lot of veterans have experience in driving large vehicles or flying. Jobs such as Air Traffic Control, Logistics, and Drivers are what veterans do. Healthcare is another choice due to the fact that veterans had experiences of treating the wounded and sick ones during the time of services. Healthcare has a wide range to choose from, nurses, dentists, doctors, surgeons, dental hygienists, physician assistants, and so much more.

Existing Skills that Attract Employers

If veterans are trying to figure out which companies are vet-friendly here are some of the companies that adore veterans. ”They recognize the skills that set veterans apart: leadership, commitment, discipline, flexibility, and mission-orientation”. The veterans are favored over non-veterans because veterans have what it takes. Intelligent Waves is a communication and information technology company that has about 50% veteran employees and about 80% of veterans stay there.
Another company is ManTech International and it’s service provides cybersecurity, data analytics, and information technology. There are over 40% of veterans that work there and over 50% of veterans choose to stay. BAE Systems is a product company that focuses on aerospace and security. About 84% of veterans stay at this company for work. Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines have plentiful of veterans employees and they stay with the companies.

No matter what profession a veteran chooses, he or she will find something that fits them. Whether to go back to school to improve themselves or just to get higher earnings. Sometimes veterans can just get a job through connections. All veterans will ponder on what’s next after the service.

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