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Create an Impressive Resume to Get More Job Interviews

Resumes & Cover Letters

Getting to the interview stage is half the battle when applying for a new job. Find out how to get more job interviews with an impressive resume.

With hundreds of candidates chasing a shrinking number of jobs, competition in the job market has never been more ferocious. Only a small percentage of candidates for each job vacancy ever gets called to a job interview. The interview is probably the most important part of the recruitment process -- if you can make a good impression at interview then your chances of landing the job increase dramatically.

Your resume is an opportunity to show yourself as the best candidate and increase your chances of getting to the interview stage. Three out of four employers say that applicants with strong resumes will get invited for a job interview.

How to Write a Winning Resume

Here are some resumes tips gathered from professional resume editing services that can help you score that job interview:

Mention the position that you are interested in at the start of the resume as the "objective."

Having a position-specific objective shows that you have researched the position and the company and that you know what the company expects of you.

Use action verbs to underline the strength of your abilities.

For example, instead of "assigned to be", write "in-charge of." This tells the interviewer that you have active leadership skills that may give you a boost into a management position or show that you are a more desirable candidate.

Use bullet points to catch the employer's eye by highlighting your most important assets, skills, achievements, qualifications, recognitions and career highlights.

Words in bullet form force the eye directly to the information provided by creating white space on the resume page.

Ensure that your resume is specific to the position you are looking for.

Apply for only one position in the company at a time. Do not detract from your resume by applying for multiple positions in the same company at the same time.

Get help from others.

An expert in resume writing is more likely to see your strengths and weaknesses, so they can better highlight your skills. This advice can come from mentors, fellow colleagues, or professional resume writing services.

Read all the directions

Besides preparing your resume you should also carefully follow and read all the instructions in the application. Properly filling out the forms is part of showing that you can follow the necessary rules of the company.

When filling out the application, ensure that you have supplied all the requested information.

If a specific question does not apply to you use "N/A" to denote that it is "not applicable." Answer all the questions truthfully while presenting yourself in the best possible light, which may mean omitting certain information or highlighting other info. Adapt your answers to be specific to the job you're applying for. Show off the skills and recognitions that you feel will be most beneficial to the potential employer.


Always include references with your resume when applying for a job, whether the employer asks for them at this stage or not. Supply references that you are sure will provide an objective or positive description and information about your abilities. Choose teachers or previous employers who are willing to give you a positive reference.

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