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Eight Ways to Support Veterans on ACP AdvisorNet


If you’ve signed up to be an Advisor, you’ve taken the first step in assisting transitioning Veterans on ACP AdvisorNet. To make an even bigger impact, read our suggestions below and lend your career advice to our Veteran community.

  1. Navigate Questions through Topics:
    Have you spent your career managing teams? Do you excel at identifying talent during interviews? Or do you have insight into which certifications are most valued in your field? Whichever your areas of expertise, you can use our Topics menu to discover questions that you’ll feel confident answering.

  2. Contribute Competing Views:
    Even if a question has been answered, we encourage you to add your opinion to the thread. Sharing different perspectives is essential to providing quality career guidance, so don’t hesitate to politely disagree with an alternative point of view.

  3. Share Questions with your Network:
    Veterans on ACP AdvisorNet have diverse interests and goals. Therefore, we look to attract Advisors with varied backgrounds to offer a broad range of expertise. If you think a friend or colleague could answer a question, encourage them to offer their advice. You can use our social media widgets to send a question via Email, Google+, Facebook or Twitter to anyone you think could help.

  4. Mentor a Veteran:
    If you notice a Veteran who could benefit from your particular expertise, message him/her to offer one-on-one guidance. Our Community section is designed to help connect Veterans with appropriate Advisors based on their expertise and location. Additionally, if a Veteran requests advice on resume writing, interview prep or networking prep, offer to assist for more in-depth mentoring.

  5. Write an Article:
    Every professional has his or her own strengths and areas of expertise. Consider submitting an Article to share yours with Veterans on the site. Current Articles range from interviewing and education, to being a successful entrepreneur. We encourage Advisors to share personal anecdotes that showcase how you learned to be better at what you do.

  6. Post a Job Opening:
    If you know of a job opening that may be of interest to Veterans, post it for free here. To post a job, go to Ask a Question ( and include the position in the heading and the description of the position in the details section, including contact information. Assign the ‘Job Opening’ topic to your question and submit.

  7. Brainstorm Ideas:
    Some Veterans may post questions with limited description. To help the community better understand how to assist this Veteran, follow up to the question asking for more details. Simply inquiring about their military background, education, valued skill-sets, goals or passions will help the community offer more personalized advice.

  8. Provide Encouragement:
    Career planning can be stressful. Offering simple words of encouragement and support to Veterans through a Q&A thread or through private messaging can go a long way to create a strong sense of community support for the Veterans on ACP AdvisorNet.

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