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Tips for Writing Essays in a Business School

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Writing a business essay can be difficult, especially if it is your first one. The goal of such an essay is to provide a solution to a business problem from your perspective that is grounded in facts and research. Here are some tips to make writing an essay much easier and the quality much higher.

Create a Narrow Topic

Before you begin writing an essay, you must know what you want to say. In a business essay, you want the topic to be focused so that you can provide clear information. Don't choose too broad of a subject or you may have difficulty providing enough in-depth information. For example, an essay on how to gain new customers would be much too generalized for you to provide any information of value. Instead, change your topic to something more specific, like how to find new customers through social media.

Create an Outline

An outline does two things for an essay writer. First, it gives you a clear map of where you want to go with your topic. Second, it makes it easier to stay on topic and know what you need to research. The type of outline is unimportant as long as it works for you. Some essay writers like to put in subheadings and even sub-subheadings within those. Others just add a few bullet points to their outline to give them a basic idea of what they will write about.

Have a Thesis Statement

Every essay should have a thesis statement or topic sentence. If you were to sum up your entire paper in one sentence, what would it be? This is the theme of your paper or the point of view you are taking. It helps you with the outline and your essay writing.

Defend Your Position

While many people think of an essay as just your opinion, in a business essay, your words should be validated by facts and objective data. For instance, in the social media example topic mentioned above, you could point to the growth in businesses that utilize multiple social networks and use statistics to support that. On the other hand, if you chose to write about why social media isn't effective for businesses, you would have to find the research to prove that point.

As you gain experience in essay writing, you will find it much easier to work on new projects. Learn what makes a good paper and what happens when one is poorly written. Learn from your mistakes so that the next essay you write stands out.

About the Author: Rodney Ashline is a writer and editor over 5 years and now he writes for coursework writing help service. He writes a helpful tips for students in education topics, also writes for many other publications in London and has experience in any topics. He will be happy to help you and provide useful information.

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