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7 Office Team-Building Activities for Veterans


Team building is an integral part of office management. Making sure veterans fit in to your office structure is important for them and productivity in your office. Here are seven team building activities that can help veterans feel like they are a part of your team.

1. Five things we have in common

Break up your team into groups of five or so. Have them list things they have in common. Things such as everyone being male do not count. Find out if they have been to similar places or had similar life experiences. Have your employees write down their similar experiences and discuss them with the other groups. They will learn more about each other and the similarities will help veterans feel like they are a part of the group.

2. Go out for a group picnic

Take your employees out to the nearest park and enjoy some time outside of the office. Being outside will help them clear their heads and relax. They do not have to worry about meetings or schedules and you will provide the food. The employees will talk together and get to know one another.

3. Office Trivia

This activity builds your team and shows what people know about your company. Get some members of your office who will not be on a team to create trivia questions about your office. They could be something personal like “Who brings salad to work every day for lunch?” or something more professional like “Who developed this company?” Basically anything goes and it will be a good way for new employees, such as veterans, to get the lay of the land in your office.

4. What am I?

This game encourages your team to think outside of the box and build inner office relationships. Make up some cards with words like “peanut butter” and “jelly.” Tape these cards onto your team members backs. Your team members have to ask yes or no questions to find out what is on their back. Once they know what they are they have to find their pair, such as peanut butter and jelly or salt and pepper. When they have found the person with their pairing they need to sit together and come up with a list of three things they have in common. You can pair new employees with ones who have been with the company for awhile. That way your new employees, such as veterans, get to know their team better.

5. Social Dance Classes

Enroll your team for a night in a social dance classes. They can get to know one another as they slide across the dance floor. You can arrange for group dances or more intimate dance lessons. Veterans will enjoy dancing and meeting members of their team. Not only is it a good team builder, it promotes exercise and well being.

6. Go to a Rock Wall

Another team builder that encourages fun exercise is a rock wall. Take your team to a rock wall and encourage them to work together to climb to the top. This should be a fun activity for veterans and they will be able to help out their office mates reach the goal.

7. Keep the ball on the blanket

Take a blanket and cut some holes in it that are slightly bigger than a tennis ball. Have your team member hold the blanket and keep the tennis ball from falling into the holes. If one ball is too easy, put two on the blanket. This activity builds communication skills and will be a fun game for everyone.

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