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An Approach To Identifying Your Best Civilian Job

Career Exploration

I wanted to give you a strategy that I use with my clients to get them on the right track for searching for the right job. It is to use the Myers-Briggs Temperament Test to find out what career areas match with your basic temperament.

To start, go to David Keirsey's test at: and take the quiz there. Keirsey took the Myers-Briggs and simplified it into 4 basic types. These include obvious ones like introvert and extrovert and more subtle traits like feeling and thinking. When you have completed the test you will find you are one of these types: SP, SJ, NF or NT. Keirsey then matches these with the characteristics of each type and gives several examples of appropriate careers.
For example, if you are an SJ, then you like everyone and everything in its proper place. You are hard working, like to preserve things and like consistency and routine. You like to help people and have a significant impact on their lives. Mother Teresa, Martha Stewart and the Queen are SJs and me too!

After determining your type, the Kiersey website will go into detail about the career choices that most align themselves with your type. This is just a start but it can be a dynamic way to find out more about suitable careers that can be rewarding. Have Fun!

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