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5 Trends to Help Your Small Business Grow

Small Business

Small businesses need to be consistently growing in order to survive. Without a steady stream of growth, it's hard for these young companies to make enough money to stay above water. While there are many ways to increase revenue, one of the main factors is through the use of trends. The following five current business trends can help grow your small business and bring in more money.

Social Media Marketing
The first trend you want to capitalize on is social media marketing. Advertising your business on social media is one of the most effective ways to get your name out there and bring in new clients. When you promote your brand on socials, you gain access to thousands of customers you wouldn't be able to reach otherwise.

The algorithms that run social media platforms also give you access to powerful analytics, allowing you to optimize your ad campaigns. When you look at your statistics and see a certain post performing better than others, you can figure out why and replicate it in later campaigns.

Flexible Employment Options
The next trend to consider is flexible employment options. Recent years have seen an uptick in flexible careers across a variety of different fields. This flexibility has proven to increase employee morale, thereby boosting productivity and your company's revenue. While it can take some adjusting to get used to having your team working remotely, it can have marked benefits for your company.

Even opting for a partially flexible schedule can increase your hiring rate and boost productivity. More and more employees are pushing for a better work-life balance, so doing your part as an employer will help benefit your company.

Payment Type Varieties
The third trend to help grow your small business is offering different types of payments for your customers. In today's digital age, more and more people are setting up digital payments and touchless card options. When you have these choices available for your small business, you automatically set yourself apart from your competitors. Offering payment through Venmo, Apple Pay, or even something as simple as tap payment options will bring more customers through your door.

Along similar lines, you may want to consider having some form of store credit for loyal clients. While not all small businesses can offer credit cards, special coupon codes or layaway plans for returning clients can help build loyalty. Added variety in your purchasing will help to grow your small business.

Online Ordering and Troubleshooting
Next, online ordering and troubleshooting services will help boost your small business's rapport with your clients. The recent years have seen a significant rise in the preference for online shopping to in-person. Even if your main business is a brick-and-mortar storefront, you may want to consider having an online presence as well. Having a functional and eye-catching website will help draw in clients and build loyalty.

Additionally, having a website for customer service will help troubleshoot problems more effectively than if you do everything in-store. When a client walks into your storefront, they don't want to see a manager trying to reason with another irate customer. By handling issues online, you can keep your store peaceful and sales-oriented.

Sustainability Efforts
The final trend you may want to take advantage of to grow your business is sustainability efforts. More and more companies are beginning to go green as the general public pushes for greater accountability from big brands. While you as a small business don't have as large of a carbon footprint, making eco-friendly choices can still draw in customers. For instance, opting for digital receipts rather than paper ones or using recycled paper goods can show your customers that you care about sustainability, pushing them to choose you over your competitors.

Overall, while some trends come and go in the blink of an eye, these ones seem to be sticking around. By getting your small business involved in these movements, you can see a growth in customers, leading to increased profits.

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