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9 Jobs That Will Survive an Economic Downturn

Career Exploration

The United States economy is cyclical. For every corresponding boom time, there is a downtime. Sometimes the lack of growth leads to a recession. One of the characteristics of a troubled economy is a rise in unemployment. If you are concerned about losing your job in times of economic trouble, you should consider some of these usually recession-proof careers.

1. Healthcare Workers

Even if the economy is doing poorly, people will still get sick and need medical attention. Healthcare workers are always needed. A variety of options are available. Some careers require years of schooling and clinical experience. Other jobs, such as personal care aide, require a minimum amount of training and certification. Care providers are constantly in demand to provide care at assisted living facilities, nursing homes and the residence for those in need.

2. Legal Support

People need legal services whether the economy is doing well or not. Many legal support careers are available for you to choose to fit your skillset. Paralegals assist attorneys with the preparation of documents and research for clients.Court reporters in Portland create transcripts of the courtroom and other legal proceedings.

3. Public Safety Officers

The need for security and community safety exists regardless of the status of the economy. As a public safety officer, you could work for a local or state jurisdiction to enforce the laws and maintain the peace. Jobs are also available to provide security to universities or other organizations.

4. Social Workers

Social workers serve their communities by advocating for and protecting vulnerable populations. This noble profession is in demand regardless of any recession. As a social worker, you would work for a locality and manage case files for persons identified as being at risk. You would make visits, develop plans to help the persons and attend any necessary legal proceedings.

5. Substance Abuse Counselors

Unfortunately, people are more likely to abuse substances when times are hard. This results in a higher demand for counselors that help people struggling with addiction. Not only is the job of a substance abuse counselor resistant to recessionary pressures, but it is also gratifying as you have a chance to make a difference in someone's life.

6. Firefighters

The need for firefighters continues no matter how good or bad the economy is doing. Firefighters are necessary for every jurisdiction to protect the population's safety and prevent fires from becoming out of control. Firefighters are also often the first responders whenever any incident arises. This exciting career will be secure as there are always incidents requiring a response.

7. Accounting Professionals

Much like legal services, people need accounting services at all times. Accounting professionals assist clients with the preparation of financial records and tax filings. Businesses and individuals must maintain appropriate records and file the necessary tax returns by the federal, state and local governments.

8. Funeral Workers

Death does not wait for a recession to end before happening. As such, funeral workers are needed on a continuing basis in society. All persons that pass away must be prepared for burial or cremation. Undertakers perform this necessary service. Other options are available to plan funerals and burials for persons who have lost loved ones.

9. Insurance Adjusters

Insurance claims get filed regularly without regard to the status of the economy. Accidents continue to occur, and insured persons incur damages. Insurance companies need adjusters to determine the proper claim amounts to be paid out on policies.

Final Thoughts

Many activities that are part of the economy continue as usual, even if there is a recession. You can try a career in one of these professions to protect your job security.

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