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Continuation for BASc or new program to pursue?


Ashton Jones Long Beach, MS

Good morning,

I'm currently pursuing a BASc in Business and Communication. I've graduated with my AAS in Business and Marketing Management. I'm torn and in a bit of a crossroads on if this is truly still a good path forward. I understand that a BA/BS/BASc looks great on a resume but I'm worried that a Business and Communication major may be too broad to understand what jobs I can pursue. While working on my BASc, I've taken a liking to a program at a local community college for Instrumentation and Control Technology. I'm impressed with the job outlook and salary for this field, much more than I am with my current BASc and major(s). If I stick with the BASc it will take less time for completion than the program I've explored.

I guess the question is, would it be advantageous to stick the BASc out and finish/graduate? Or if even if its a risk pivot and pursue the program for Instrumentation and Control Technology?

Some background as well: I'm currently 27 years old and have left the military after 6 years honorably. I've realized unfortunately how a lack of a degree can severely hinder job prospects and a proper living wage. It's hard not to beat myself up for being older and lost, as I've stumbled a bit admittedly after the service. Also, I'm limited in location because my wife is pursuing her BA and her employer requires her to stay for two years after completion.

27 February 2023 4 replies Career Exploration



Joe Engle Indianapolis, IN

Ashton, my advice is almost always go for the career you really love. The reason is that you will be doing it for many years, and you might invest a lot of time and money into the education for the career. Don’t worry that you are to old at 27 to enter the workplace as a new hire. Suppose you get a BA in business and graduate at 29. If you apply for the same job as a 23 year old, you might not be paid any more, but your maturity and military might actually give you an edge.

It really depends on what you want. I see you have interest in instrumentation and have regulatory type experience. That is a good combination to have, as there are OSHA, environmental, product quality, types of jobs that are in demand now. And your business Asoc degree may complement that as well. You might check or other job sites, for “OSHA regulatory” , or “hazmat regulatory”, “compliance”, “regulatory” etc. for your area. I did and found a few jobs for entry level in your area.

All that said, if you don’t need the money now, and your wife is holding you there for a few more years, then that certainly puts finishing your BA or studying instrumentation, in a new light. If you really like business, then you have time to finish the BA. If you really like controls/instrumentation, then you have time to do that as well.

A degree opens many doors. An Asoc. degree is good, and A BA/BS is better.

Just some thoughts. Good luck Ashton and thanks for your service.

28 February 2023 Helpful answer


Lyena Solomon Santa Clara, CA

Hi Ashton,
I suggest you look at your priorities. If salary is important to you, you can always look for higher salary job with your existing qualifications with opportunities to grow. Larger salaries require (most of the time), more experience, which you do not have yet, as I understand.
See what you can sacrifice for higher priority requirements, like free time, vacations, 9 to 5 work hours, etc.
Also, many people end up doing something other than what their degree is in. There are many options.
And finally, figure out why BASc was good for you before and now you have doubts. Address those.
My two cents.

27 February 2023 Helpful answer


ACP AdvisorNet Staff New York, NY

Hello Ashton,

Your question is asking whether to complete your BAS or pivot to a certification course. Really many people are in BA programs that are broader in scope and they use those degrees as a stepping point. Many psychology students pursue careers in HR. There are many paths to different jobs but the one thing that is most important is experience. Here is a quote from a LinkedIn Article “Though a degree still remains the entry criteria for most jobs, organizations are willing to bet on undergrads with relevant experience then invest on expensive training programs to train freshly minted MBAs!” So if the course that you are interested in will supply more experience then it may be the best option for you. However if your degree plan includes an internship or project that will gain you experience than completing the BASc could be the best option for you. If you want to do a one on one conversation with an Advisor head over to our Community section and you can search for an Advisor to talk with about the best course. Here is the link to the article mentioned:

27 February 2023 Helpful answer


Richard Byrne Hillsborough, NJ

!) Go to this website to check on your potential " Dream Career" job titles:
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2) Use Job titles and keywords to do online job searches.

3) Create a targeted resume for each job you wish to apply for emphasizing how your training, certifications & experience satisfies the prospective employer's desired requirements as described in the employer's job description.

4)Supplement as necessary with training and certifications where you expect there might be shortcomings.

Job searches:

I've added links to information & videos under these sections of my EE webpage that you might find useful: - see Engineering Management - see PMI, Scrum, Agile - get 1 year FREE LinkedIn premium

My humble advice is that you complete your current course of study.
Not just your education but the bulk of your experience seems to support this decision.
Then "Don't quit your day job" but you can study and experiment with Instrumentation & Technology part time online.
You might need to brush up on Math & Physics before pivoting to a Technical or Engineering course of study.
At your age there are pressures to start a family, as that can be a now or never proposition.

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