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Does anyone know of NGO recruiters?


Emily Darling Virginia Beach, VA

I am transitioning out of the military here shortly, and I'd like to research joining a NGO! There has to be recruiters specific to finding jobs in NGOs right?

My dream would be to work for an international NGO that focuses on water treatment and purification. Any advice to point me in the right direction would be great. Thank you all!

10 October 2022 11 replies Networking



Robin Hicks Naperville, IL

As mentioned by others, adding to good advice already given. Not an NGO, but consider Ramboll, a global engineering, architecture and consultancy company.

9 December 2022 Helpful answer


Lex Levin Northborough, MA

Hi Emily,

Devex is a website specializing in international development jobs, check it out.

Here's a useful article as well:

Good luck,


27 October 2022 Helpful answer


Walt Overfield Virginia Beach, VA

I would like to add my response to the great ideas you have already received.
Using a recruiter is one way to find a job but can limit your choices to organizations that have hired the recruiter.
One way to identify more opportunities is to network with an association that attracts hundreds of water treatment and purification professionals. Here are a few:

You have already identified your mission: International Water Treatment and Purification.
For your next step, I would suggest you identify your role. Do you want to work in system design or installation or operation or sales? If you don't know, then spend your time researching and talking to professionals in the water industry. Every industry has job openings at every level so professionals will want to talk with you because you share their mission. Build up your network. For every professional you talk with, ask for the contact info for at least two other professionals.
I know you will be successful because the world needs clean water!

Good Luck,
Walt Overfield

25 October 2022 Helpful answer


Jeff Westling Virginia Beach, VA


There are a lot of WASH positions within the Christian faith-based NGOs if your personal beliefs align with the organizations' purposes for providing humanitarian relief and development. Opportunities in this sector within Christian NGOs can be found through the Accord Network at

If you are looking in the non-Christian NGO field, there might be connections through the organizations (both faith-based and non-faith-based) that participate in the UNC WASH conference that occurs 24-28 October 2022 at UNC. Information can be found at:

Best wishes in your transition.
Jeff Westling
Captain, USCG (ret)
Chief of Staff
Operation Blessing International

20 October 2022 Helpful answer


Becky Ellis Minneapolis, MN

Hello Emily,

As you search, you may want to focus on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) programs that are facilitated by the UNHCR. From the UNHCR:

NGOs like Alight, based out of Minneapolis, MN, work in some of the harshest environments. From Alight:

You can also pare down your search by looking at Charity Navigator or GuideStar to find reputable NGOs within your field of interest.

I hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

18 October 2022 Helpful answer


Thomas Schott Bradenton, FL


One of the first places that I would go to answer your question is ImpactPool ( This site lists various NGO openings from many different organizations. It also provides coaching services that you can subscribe to (for a fee) and access to webinars and articles on finding NGO employment. I never signed up for these additional services, but this may be what you are looking for.

I had been searching for an International NGO assignment with a UN agency. What makes this process a lot of work is that many of these agencies have their own recruitment sites where you must enter the same information each time. I found it best to have all the type of information they typically request stored in an MS Word file so you can copy and paste into each agency recruitment system.

I've interviewed for about five positions so far and was offered one position in Geneva with the WHO (I had to decline due to personal reasons). It is a lot of work and takes patience waiting to get responses/decisions. Here are some sites in particular that I'd recommend:

1. Setup a profile on the UN HR Gateway ( Many of the agencies under the UN use this system for applications.
2. Setup a profile with the WHO ( I had a lot of action from this organization.
3. I would recommend applying for other agencies once you see a particular position of interest in ImpactPool. I've ended up creating profiles in nine agency sites where I applied to positions.

Good luck,

14 October 2022 Helpful answer


Joe Engle Indianapolis, IN

Israel, being in a desert, has always faced water issues. "To survive, policy and government incentives have contributed to the creation of a new and flourishing industry of water technologies." Their technologies are used in many countries where water is at a premium. You might see what interests you there.
Here is a link to get you started.

Thank you for your service!

13 October 2022 Helpful answer


Gary Rossi Napa, CA

Network into a position by using Informational Interviews through LinkedIn - Find those individuals already in that space in LinkedIn and ask for informational interviews which many people do not use - also connect with me to have access to my network -

12 October 2022 Helpful answer


11 October 2022 Helpful answer


nikolas mitseff Barnesville, NC

Hi There,

For international development roles, is a great resource.
Oxfam International, Charity Water, UNHCR, Unicef, are lead subcontracted counterparts for USAID WASH projects. On that note, another great resource is looking for entry-level direct hire positions from USAID sub-contracting agencies. Irex, john snow inc, RTI.

Best of luck.



Here is a thought.: How about getting involved in an NGO that directly helps the American Indian Tribes? This is a sector of our community and country that sorely needs help Our government's efforts over the recent years are shameful and a disaster and an NGO would bring direct and immediate help to those who most need it. Your prior dedication to the county will compliment the dedication and assistance to a group of most worthy people who, in the past, and until now, suffer greatly.

Francis J. Tepedino, Esq.

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