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How can I convert my photography talent into a profitable business


David George Port Saint Lucie, FL

I've been takingNature related photos for many years and have not been able to find someone who specializes in product development to use my photos for many different household items, for which there is no end to what they could be used for. Is there someone among the advisers who's familiar with 3d printing which might be one way to use them.
Please contact me if you think you can assist me

13 May 2022 4 replies Networking



Gary Rossi Napa, CA

Matt - use LinkedIn to network with individuals with the same professional skills - search individuals and people then start a conversation by sending them a tailored connection request to set up an informational interview - networking is king - secondly connect with me to broaden your network -


David Eastman Gresham, OR

Hello, David

Thank you for your service.

If you go to, you can quickly see how your nature photography can be integrated into a host of customized products, from pillows, to jewelry, posters, furniture decoration, and a host of other uses.

I would also sign on to ( which is a stock photo site and download your photos for sale in their nature photos section. No doubt there is a fee for doing this, but you will make tons of money when viewers are looking for a stock nature photo, pay you the rights of use, and download for their purposes, i.e., book cover, etc.

I hope this is helpful.

David Eastman
US Navy Veteran


Paul Tusting Salt Lake City, UT

Hi David,
I'll spit my response into two categories: 1) ways to turn photography into a business, and 2) 3D printing.

I've worked with a lot of photographers and did it semi-professionally about a decade ago. I also have worked with 3D printing related to the engineering I do for 20+ years.

1) Photography-based businesses - Here are some options that come to mind.

A. Stock Photos - This is probably the easiest way to get started (just google something like "how to get started in stock photography"), but the big appeal is that you don't have to develop a client list to do this. To be accepted by a stock photo site, mostly it is about meeting their technical and permission requirements, more than the subject matter.

B. Real Estate - Working with agents to photography staged houses. Likely needs some specific wide lenses.

C. Product Photography - Working with a company (or even eBay/Amazon seller) to take photos to be posted on the web. To do this seriously needs a mini-studio, but they can be made pretty inexpensively.

D. Tourism and Convention Bureau - This is mostly outdoor photography to promote a certain region (what I used to do), and this may align with your nature photography interest.

E. Family Photos - I know a couple people to specialize in doing family pictures, and make a good living at it.

There are lots of options, but here are a few that I have seen in practice.

2) 3D Printing - The 3D printers need essentially a three dimensional CAD (computer aided design) file to print from, typically in a format called STL. To generate these CAD files, you either build them in a computer software from the ground up (these software packages typically are either engineering-based [what I do], or animation based [for video games and movies]). The other way to generate a STL is from a scan of an object. These are typically done with laser scanners, not traditional cameras. I think this is what you are interested in. You can import images into CAD software, but it will just be a 2D flat image, not something 3D you can print.

I hope that makes sense and is helpful.
Please feel free to message me 1:1 if you have any questions.
Best of luck!


James Walczyk New York, NY

Hi David,

Here are some resources to help with general business planning:

Growing Your Business Ideas

Army to Entrepreneur Resources

The Nuts and Bolts of Great Business Plans

Also, here are some LinkedIn groups that you could network and connect with:

Photography Industry Professionals:
- 80,000 members strong where they share resource and give advice on pursuing photography

Best 3D Printing Forums, Boards, and Groups

Best of luck!

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