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I am in Mississippi and I am a logistician trying to land that first job in Supply Chain.


Garrick Dew Byram, MS

I am focused on only taking jobs in my field. I noticed jobs labeled "material handler", "dispatcher" are typical titles that come up when I search for a logistics position online. Neither of these are what I went to school for; nor are they actually supply chain logistical (management of raw materials from one node to the next node) jobs.
The majority of my work experience is from IT, but I have 2 months Internship with Milwaukee Tools as a Materials Management Analyst scoping supplies for a production line start up for 60 and 90 day run.
I am also looking for someone that knows how to create a Professional Federal resume. I am fully willing to compensate the person!

12 May 2022 6 replies Career Advancement



Joe Engle Indianapolis, IN

Hello Garrick.
Agreed, with your degree, stay away from the jobs labelled "material handler" or "dispatcher". I think you have a good shot at getting a position you really want.

I just checked for some positions for you on in Mississippi. Seems like there are a surprisingly large number of positions in MS. It looks like the pay is quite good too. You would be qualified for mid-level positions, and associates degree positions. And if you see an entry level position that pays enough and interests you, go for those too.

You have things going for you. First, there seems to be many jobs in that field, so the demand is certainly high. Second, you have an advantage by staying in MS. You are the large frog in a small pond, so to speak. That is, there would be much more competition for similar jobs in say Saint Louis than small towns in MS. Third, having a degree, and actual training, in that field puts you way ahead of people without training/degree.

On the downside, the economy may be slipping into a recession, and hiring would likely curtail. So I suggest moving fast on positions now, while there are still so many available. Also, in interviews, I would ask how stable the position is if a recession occurs, particularly if you have to move to a new location.

Lastly, put together a good resume. Emphasize your related course work, your degree, any related experience, and any relevant class projects. It sounds like you got some good and relevant experience with Milwaukee Tools, be sure to highlight it in the resume.

Good luck Garrick, and thanks for your service!

12 May 2022 Helpful answer


Lucy Jensen Topanga, CA

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Po Wong Orlando, FL

Hi Garrick,
Thanks for your service!
Supply Chain, Logistic is a general term which consists with many functions such as Planning, Sourcing, Supplier Management, Account Payable, Transportation, Warehousing…….At the senior level, person will develop strategy to manage the whole supply chain function.
A quick check shows some opportunities with J&J possibly even working from remote location.

We can arrange a call for further conversation if you think it may add value.
Good luck!


Jeff Martin Ashburn, VA

I’d suggest that you network at the target company or industry. Use LinkedIn to find people already working there and reach out to them. Ask them the process they used to get hired and ask them to help you navigate the hiring process and if they are willing, ask them to submit you as a referral. These activities require much more time on your part but in my opinion would greatly increase your chances for success. Good luck!


Richard Byrne Hillsborough, NJ

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