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If you were to hire a resume writing service to translate your military experience what affordable service would you recommend?


AIMEE COOK Sheboygan, WI

If you were to hire a affordable resume writing service that's translates your experience into a resume what service would you recommend? Key word being affordable!!!

13 March 2022 15 replies Resumes & Cover Letters



Jerry Welsh Middleville, MI

I would recommend Hire Heroes USA, it is free and they have a great track record with helping service members/veterans. Have you been conducting Information Interviews with people working in safety risk management? This will provide you with the language and metrics that companies are looking for in that career field. It is paramount for a resume to be looked at you need to provide value that matches the career field you are looking at. The more you speak with people doing the job on a daily basis the better you will understand the career field and can speak to this in your resume.
The resume should match a specific job, in fact it would also help to pull down a number of positions from job boards in your desired career field. Build a master job description so you can match up your experience and education to these positions.
Hope this helps, you really should not need to pay for a resume.

14 March 2022 Helpful answer


Dominic Sansone East Hartford, CT

How about you find a role at Travelers, let me know, and I will help you write your resume, then give it to my HR rep?

17 March 2022 Helpful answer


Jack Leech Grapevine, TX


There are some solid answers and resume writing services in the responses above. When you have a solid draft, I would be happy to go over your resume and provide feedback.
I believe most of the data suggests that you will end of landing a job based on who you know (networking), not necessarily what is on your resume. However, you still need to have a professional document highlighting your experience and performance to get you in the door for the interview. Feel free to reach out if you need my help.


Jim McMahon Prospect, CT

None. Do it yourself. Most good recruiters can spot a "professional" resume from a mile away. They look the same.


Michael Del Vecchio Killingworth, CT


Try the VA - they have specialists there that may help, several of my buddies have used them. Best of luck.


Brock Renshaw Tampa, FL has apps that help translate your military skills into civilian opportunities.

Can reality download on Apple or Android.


Timothy Bowman Laguna Niguel, CA

Before going to a paid service, I recommend that you seek professionals in your desired field, to include U.S. Government civilians, and seek their guidance on writing a resume tailored for your needs. Also, many of us provide free resume review and guidance, including me.
I do not have any experience with paid services, so I can't offer an opinion either up or down, but you noted cost is a factor, so make use of free advice and assistance that is out there.


Dvir Samet Fort Huachuca, AZ

1) Each major Military post has an ACS office for transitioning Service Members with in-person and online civilian and federal resume classes and guides.
2) Google, Microsoft, etc. have various templates to get you started and through LinkedIn, Military job fairs and posts you can get free review services.
3) Every resume SME will critique differently, no one knows you as a person, your history, your future endeavors, you are your best spokesperson.
4) If you don't have time, scared to mess up, nervous on getting started, inquire into Military friendly services which will offer to assist you for free, not a 'Golden' resume, again, they do their best through questionnaires, and their way to give you something; tweak it thereafter per job description that you would want to apply for and using your knowledge of yourself.


Jordie Kern Amherst, MA

Write a draft yourself. It's easy....lots of resources out there to help guide you. We have one at Then connect with dozens of Veterans already working in your desired industry on LinkedIn. Ask them nicely to critique you resume. That way you'll have an industry-specific template you can adapt for each job you apply to. I do not recommend paying anyone. Go get 'em!


Tighe Scott San Antonio, TX

Please don't hire anyone or pay an organization to write a resume! There are numerous organizations out there that offer these services free of charge to all transitioning military and Veterans. Reach out to your local county Veteran Services Office, a reputable non profit, or your network for more assistance.


Anne Crawford Swansea, MA

I volunteer my coaching and resume writing to a wonderful program called the ESGR( Employer Support of the National Guard and Reserves ). Every state has one. There the soldier can come and have someone review their resume, prepare you for an interview and get you a direct interview with HR with the company that is on our program. We basically teach USERRA laws to the soldier and their employer, but we support the whole process of employment. I give the program 3 coaching sessions for free to the candidate. If it goes longer than that, they hire me privately. Resume writing is a personal journey. I ask a lot of questions to give clarity to open the doors of who you are. Identifying strengths, career direction and how your soft and hard skills will aid in your career decisions. From there a summary is designed, and a correct format is followed.
Here is the link to the ESGR program.
I volunteer for the Rhode Island branch. If the information is too broad on the site, please reach out to me with any questions.
All the best, Anne


Michael Sabatell Myrtle Beach, SC


First, thanks for your service. Lots of good answers above but wanted to share some additional insights.

Prepare a tailored resume for every job you apply for. The job description is the answer key - pull as many key words from the job description as you can and make sure you highlight areas where your military experience directly translates to the position.

Use your network - are there people you know at that that company that can refer you in? Are there other veterans that work they that might do the same? Having a direct introduction into an organization overcomes the biggest hurdle all job seekers face - getting past the screening programs to have an actual person see your resume. LinkedIn is a good source of info on other employee backgrounds. Do not be shy to reach out to other vets to ask about the employer, the position, etc.. and see if they would be willing to place your resume in front of the hiring manager.

I'd be happy to provide additional insights or even help you craft your resume. Fell free to reach out directly. Good Luck!!

Regards, MS


Samuel Bachtold Pensacola, FL

From my first hand experience, and others may have had different experiences, I would not recommend any of the ones online that are free...including those services mentioned in other post here. First they all do the same thing, what was your MOS, what was your final rank, how long did you it ends up for example myself, I was an air crew member with aviation maintenance experience. So the only resume ALL of them spit out was being an aviation mechanic.

Second, and most important is what is affordable? Again my personal story, I spent just under $2,000 for a resume, LinkedIn rewrite, cover letter etc. and when I got hired into my first company I was given top pay, that was matched with a retired O-4 with 33 years (prior enlisted too). When I decided to move on I used the same company paid $1,500 and got a 42% pay raise based on my final year year with the first company, and the second.

In short, you get what you pay for. Do not hesitate to spend a good amount of time researching resume companies, and spending a little bit of money. I was lucky they had a former military officer who sat and talked with me for over 90 minutes, to understand what I wanted to do, reviewed every single evaluation, and every single award regardless of how small it was and I got a great product that speaks to who I am and what I can do. That is just me, and others experiences may be different. Best of luck and if I can be of any help please let me know.


June Webb Washington, DC


Find one that understands how to translate your military skills into the industry that you are looking to apply. Also, you can use algorithm software to make your resume visible to recruiters as they use software that filters through resumes to target the particular resume language. finally, you want to set up at least three online platforms and access their algorithm so that receivers can find you. I recommend Linkedin for a free one month career plan, Ziprecruiter, and Indeed. The total process you to get your resume out and interview rolling is thirty days. The key is by quantity of resume get view and have five cover letters prepared to the top three companies.

I welcome you to connect with me on Linkedin
June Webb


Thomas Walsh Manassas, VA

Greetings, can't recommend any specific services, however would suggest looking to finding any professional organizations supporting the type of career you want to move to. These would be membership groups like SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), PMI (Project Management Institute), SAM (Society for Advancement of Management) or something related in your desired field. This would give you access to a pool of folks (the membership) who could probably give you the best suggestions for what you are looking for. Similarly, those industry membership groups also tend to not only have directories for accessing or contacting other members but they also often have adverts for positions that you might not normally see. Didn't give you an answer to your specific request, yet hope it's helpful finding support for presenting yourself in the best light to hiring managers. Take care & be safe!!!! TCW

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