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Pursuing a career in business and applicable steps to work towards this goal


Ashton Jones Long Beach, MS

Currently will be finishing up a certificate in Business and Marketing Management Technology. I'm wanting to pursue a Bachelors's in Business Administration with a minor in Communications or Public Relations. Would this certificate supplement my goal? Also any advice with regards to job hunting? I'm doing an unpaid internship and the market where I live is severely limited (blue-collar and cashiering services which I have no interest in. The state I currently reside in is Mississippi).

1 January 2022 7 replies Education & Training



Laura Zoerner Littleton, CO


Hi there and congrats on the coming certificate. I’m in marketing now and lead a global team in the healthcare industry. I have a few thoughts for you.

1. This market is really hot now and there are many jobs for those with some experience. Don’t let that discourage you though because, as companies struggle to find people, they are offsetting their needs with other talent as well when they can. So, a paid internship is something you should really investigate.
2. A degree will help you tremendously! The certificate is a great way to go from unpaid intern to paid talent. The degree will open more doors and five you experienced and thought patterns that will help you be successful.
3. Your location could be a barrier. While many companies are willing to hire remote associates, hiring someone with little to no experience remote is a risk. If you ha r the ability to move FOR a possible job, that might pay off well for you early in your career. Then, after some experience, have the ability to work remote and get to where you want to be.

Happy to chat if you like.
Laura Z

20 January 2022 Helpful answer


Jerry Welsh Middleville, MI

First couple of things, 1) get a good picture of yourself, in a button down shirt, smile but have a simple background 2) do some career research and on your tag line on LinkedIn list that career, with a catch phrase to something that brings recruiters to your page.
Next in your informational interviews try and establish is Mississippi is going to provide you with the opportunity you need. Right now it may not be feasible to move, but if there is little to no opportunity in your area this is something you need to consider. Hook up and follow Michael Quinn, he does a number of webinars on how to use LinkedIn via USO. If there is a physical university near you, look into attending full time and make sure they have a good network to obtain an internship on your junior year. Paid internships are common with on campus education and most universities have programs in place with companies.
Thank you for your service and here are a couple of articles to help. God Bless

10 January 2022 Helpful answer


Lisa Smith Oak Park, IL

Ashton- Thank you for your service! I like Emily's idea on elevator pitch. Learn as much as you can in your internship and decide what marketing disciplines you are most excited to pursue. There are so many and when you go to search it would be best to limit the search. You might need to be open to relocation.

Another idea - my brother works on a base as a civilian doing marketing and support for the soldiers and their families.

Let me know if I can be of help as I have a long and broad marketing career.

7 January 2022 Helpful answer


Emily Christian New York, NY

Just saw that ACP has an event Wednesday about career opportunities geared towards those who don't yet have a four year degree:

There's a Q and A at the end, it could be a good opportunity to ask questions you might have about how employers feel about certificates, degrees, internships, etc.

3 January 2022 Helpful answer


Richard Byrne Hillsborough, NJ

I've added job search links to one of my webpages:

Did this search, two jobs ... : Maybe the second job is a possibility?

3 January 2022 Helpful answer


Emily Christian New York, NY

Happy New Year Ashton! Unpaid internships can be great experience but of course are much more sustainable if they're paid. I'm not a business expert, but a certificate seems like a great way to prove to an employer that you already have a commitment to your professional path ahead. A few ideas for finding paid work related to your interest -

One of the first areas to keep at the back of your mind are the job listings on ACP AdvisorNet ( And newly launched is our Who’s Hiring page (

While job searching, it might be useful to have an elevator pitch you can pull out in any potential networking opportunity. Here are some resources about honing in an elevator pitch:

This first article from the Balance goes over the basic points to hit, and the overall desired structure.

This article from LinkedIn would seem to contradict the previous resource, but actually focuses more on the finesse and art of an elevator pitch.

And, if articles are not your favorite medium, this video from Ted Ed may be more helpful.

3 January 2022 Helpful answer


Ashton Jones Long Beach, MS

Thank you all for your responses, both in your consideration and the time is given as well!


Ashton B. Jones

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