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How to move things up the chain of command in business


Craig Frendling Schererville, IN

I was awarded a patent that would be able to update and upgrade the entire real estate industry (the way we buy and sell homes) that would be extremely valuable to companies like Amazon, Zillow, or Google. I have tried mailing letters and other social media outlets with no success. I have had a few emails with lower level management but can't seem to get the ball downfield far enough.

1 December 2020 3 replies Small Business



Joe Engle Indianapolis, IN

Hello Craig. Congratulations on your patent. I have several patents myself. Most real estate organizations are only interested in selling real estate. I doubt even the largest real estate org would be interested in, or even able to discuss, your hardware/software invention. They hire surveyors as needed. You might consider:
1) Contacting equipment makers making similar surveying equipment to see how they could work with you. Buy your idea, develop your product, etc.
2) Build a prototype or working sample. (I assume this is a rather expensive task.) This would be very useful pitching it to prospective buyers.
3) Contacting a large surveying company, that would have the resources to develop your invention. They might want to buy/license it from you, to give themselves an advantage over their competition.

It is not easy to sell a company any invention, as you have to find the right company, that would be interested in it. Then you have to talk/meet with the right people in that company, in your case engineering or product development. Then you pitch your product to the company. I have sat in on many meetings where I (and a team) was pitched on new product ideas. It is very helpful to have a sample, preferably working, to talk from.

You might also consider approaching an investment bank. They could help with funding, and the business side of promoting your product.

I dont think this is exactly, what you envisioned, but these are the approaches frequently taken by inventors.


Jeremy Serwer Woodstock, CT

Hi Craig --

Just a thought . . .

"The entire real estate industry" is massive. Any chance your product is more significant to a particular segment of U.S. real estate? For instance, Mr. Watters' recommendations above are terrific, though they are more specific to residential real estate. A big field, for sure, but so is commercial real estate (office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, light industrial -- all separately large categories by themselves). Then there's institutional real estate: universities, private schools, government buildings, etc. -- each one a giant.

If your product is more specific to any one of these categories, it might help to to steer your focus more appropriately in the right direction.

Happy to communicate further if that's helpful, via ACP, or

Good luck,



James Watters Norman, OK

Hello Specialist Frending -
My first suggestion is to prepare a short (no more than 10 to 15 minutes) PowerPoint presentation and a one page color brochure that highlights the VALUE of your product or service. Make them quality materials. Next, have a local realtor introduce you to local boards of realtors and ask to attend their next meeting to demonstrate your idea. If there are positive reactions, ask the boards for letters of recommendation. Only go to the major cities in your area - as many as possible. You might find a customer base in these boards. Next go to the State Board of Realtors with your idea and results of the local meetings. Depending on your success, look at neighboring states. If your idea is as good as you think, customers like Amazon, Zillow and Google may ask for a meeting with you.

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