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I was called for a second interview with the VA as an office manager for a clinic. What should I expect during a second interview?


Bobbi Coleman-Johnson Collinsville, MS

The job is for a Supervisor (Office Manager) at a VA Clinic.

22 November 2020 4 replies Interviews



Patricia Sanderlin Hempstead, TX

Bobbi, thank you for your service and congratulations to being invited to a second interview. Sometimes this is where the manager has you meet other people in management or the team and they get to ask you questions. However, this is also a great opportunity for you to come with some more specific questions.
From schedule, to whether there have been challenges and if they are also looking for someone to help make processes more efficient (ask what those challenges were), to questions about how you are expected to work, what the specific tasks are, etc.

Good luck on your future!



Bob Molluro Wilmington, DE

You are asking the $64,000 question. Keep in mind that 98% of all managers who are doing the interviewing have no training. Therefore they make up what they are going to ask. Your job is to take control of the interview. I have trained 27 people on how to have a successful interview. If you would like to have a one hour "FREE" session just ask. Send me an email to I will show you how to make sure you have a successful interview.
Bob Molluro


John Volpe Seaford, NY


Congratulations on reaching the second interview stage . What to expect from a second interview depends with whom you initially interviewed . Was the initial interview with HR? If so, you should be meeting with the hiring manager and perhaps other department heads . If your first interview was with the hiring manager you can expect a follow up meeting with this manager and perhaps his or her direct reports . Based on your initial meeting you should have a sense of the challenges this VA unit faces and have some suggestions of how to better meet these challenges and/or how you have met similar challenges and found creative ways to overcome them.

I imagine a VA clinic is a very busy environment. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you first do a search on challenges of an office manager . I did a quick search and there’s some interesting information available . Now you may have already encountered this in your first interview but being able to provide examples of how you previously met challenges in managing people, inventory and workflow while adhering to military and/or department standards would be key. Lastly, be prepared to address or clarify any open questions from your first interview .

Good luck.



Robert Rahni White Plains, NY

Hi Bobbi, congrats on advancing through the hiring process!

While I’m sure there are folks on this platform who could provide you with great firsthand insights, I’ll quickly advise to consult Glassdoor if you haven’t done so already.

There, you could find information from others who have already gone through the process for the same or a similar job, including what type of interview questions to expect.

My apologies if I’m stating the obvious, but figured it wouldn’t hurt mentioning just in case you overlooked Glassdoor as a resource.

I’m sure you’ll also receive great advice from folks on this platform who either work for the VA in a similar capacity or have gone through a second round interview for a similar position.

Best of luck!

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