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If you had a choice, would you study for a data analytics or a project management institution certification?


Teresa Ryckman Pomfret, MD

I need to make myself valuable to a future employer. I enjoy looking at requirements, analyzing data for resources and shortfalls to come up with a plan everyone can agree on to meet goals. After being laid off, money is tight. Maybe there is a better way to go. I find myself irrelevant in the job market.

7 November 2020 9 replies Education & Training



Bob Molluro Wilmington, DE

My choice would be project management since the skills I develop should lead to higher levels of management that would lead to higher compensation. Since I enjoy managing and interacting with others this is my choice by far. I am the last person who enjoys looking at spread sheets.

9 November 2020 Helpful answer


Joe Engle Indianapolis, IN

Hello Teresa. Data analytics usually requires at least a technical degree, but is an increasingly popular field. There are many different types of project managers...from home construction to software projects. If you are not qualified for either yet, and are deciding which to pursue, they will require a lot of time and study. Pick the one that you like the most, as you will be happier in the long run and be willing to make the commitment.

Teresa, if you are already qualified for both, I usually suggest PURSUE BOTH. List all your qualifications for both and then build two separate resumes. Pursuing both doubles your chances of getting a job. Also, you may find that one is not viable, for whatever reason, and you will still have the other working for you.

I have written up a process for creating these resumes. It is tailored to people transitioning out of the military. You, or anyone interested, can contact me here for a copy of it.

9 November 2020 Helpful answer


Jennifer Polhemus Santa Monica, CA

I like Amit's advice to you.

Are you an analytical person? Do you like logic and solving puzzles? How are your skills in Excel?

Check out your public library's website for online access to and other free online classes.

8 November 2020 Helpful answer


Ashutosh Mehta Edison, NJ

Thank you for your services Teresa!

You have 26 years of experience with you, so you may have seen many situations in your career which requires troubleshooting, problem solving and managing skills. I would suggest learning Analytics which involve Data Analytics, Business Intelligence using reporting tools like Power BI. Power BI is easy to learn with tons of material available online.

Once you know that skill, instead of learning PMP, I would suggest learning Agile using scrum alliance or PMP is good but most of work is on Agile way.

Good luck!

23 November 2020 Helpful answer


Sherry Wynn Austin, TX

Hi Teresa,
If you would like to take an assessment that will recommend a tech career path that aligns with both your aptitude and inclination, check out our no-cost resource here:
Once you are registered, take the assessment (~90 minutes, 5 short tests) and the platform will make recommendations for you and will also share current information on what that job entails and needed credentials. In addition, you will have the opportunity to earn IBM industry-recognized badges for your resume and LinkedIN profile.

16 November 2020 Helpful answer


John Zupet Surprise, AZ

Data Analytics is huge and growing at record speed for talent and innovative solutions. Edge computing makes this even more interesting and exciting for analytics driving automation and AI solutions. Project/Program management is a great field as well. If your leaning more on the STEM/Science side, I would recommend Data Analytics, managerial - I would recommend PM.

16 November 2020 Helpful answer


Ling Wong Duxbury, MA

I agree with Amit, data analytics is your best opportunity career wise. I would also like to add that many data analysts that I work with have non-engineering backgrounds. So don't let that be a barrier to your consideration.

13 November 2020 Helpful answer


Jerry Welsh Middleville, MI

All good answers, I think the bigger question is what career are you focusing on to pursue. Pick your career and do some Informational Interviews with people actually in the career now, seek information on the careers needs, metrics, positives/negatives. Also the Family and Military Program at Syracuse University provides the PMP study for no charge to active duty and veterans. (if you chose that way)
I have a daughter who has morphed from HR/Recruiting to full blown project management with the American Red Cross. She has a certificate, but I think she picked that up as she was winding down with Red Cross. She now works for a niche recruiting firm, as a COO in operations-still utilizing the project management.
On the reverse, there is a big window for analytics, when I did the 3-Day TAP at Wright Patterson, tons of intelligence folks were leaving from there-business intelligence was one area that reached out to a number of them. I agree, how much do you love pouring over spread sheets and physically doing analytics, even in a management role, it will be approving analytical work, signing off of some ones numbers? I would highly recommend the career choice and then revisit the certs. This quick read may help. Thank you for your service and God Bless

9 November 2020 Helpful answer


Amit Chaudhary San Jose, CA

Area opportunity wise, from number of openings to salary, Data analytics, Big Data is expected to be ahead for next 10 years or so. It is more of a harder field to learn in and to standout. Look at current jobs in your area and nearby to see what they are looking for (They might have data in title, but be marketing associate)
Another way to look at it is, Data analytics is sitting by yourself and splicing data, Project management is more organization and people interaction, check which one fits your natural abilities. The latter does end up being how to put it, more find people like those in that leaning

Consider looking at some cheap courses in Udemy firstor Cousera to test drive. You can find two $50 ones on either and You will know which one you are progressing through and liking

DM me, if more questions after trying out above

8 November 2020 Helpful answer

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