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Where IS Entry-Level in the Corporate World?


Raymond Biskner Norfolk, VA

I'm looking for something with some kind of consistency to tide me over until I have my own ventures up and spinning. My first idea was the Corporate World.

There's just one problem.

Everywhere I look, all open positions are "Lead" this or "Senior" that, even the Assistants are Executive.

So in 2020, what does "Well paid, but dull and mindless Corporate Drone" look like on a job opening?

26 September 2020 4 replies Career Exploration



Henry ("Dr. Hank") Stevens Fort Lauderdale, FL

Two thoughts come to mind: 1)Step back and define your TALENTS, not in terms of your EXPERIENCE or EDUCATION. What are your talents and what jobs fit the expression of your talents? IF you are not clear about what YOUR talents are, there is a great assessment tool (free) that will help guide you.

They also have an on-site interpretation of the results that may point you in a good direction too. If you have some difficulty interpreting the results and would like my off-channel assessment (also free), please provide me with the 4 letters and the percentage of each [should look something like I-42, N-8, T-45, J-50] to my e-mail address

The web site for the assessment address is:

2) Think healthcare as in a large hospital system. Relatively stable and offer a VERY wide opportunity for employment with many positions not requiring licensure. Think support activities.

26 September 2020 Helpful answer


Joy Montgomery Pleasanton, CA

As a Petty Officer, you are a "Lead" and a Technical Expert. Transitioning Veterans, today, are more technical than ever before. None of you are "entry level." Align your search with the skills you have.


Jose Roman Norfolk, VA

Morning Raymond,

Unlike the ASVAB, any other aptitude test you take in the civilian sector doesnt guarantee a career whether its Meyers Briggs, a Hartman Color Personality Test a Gallup Strenghtfinder Assessment. You still have to bring the skills and experience to the table. An Uber driver might score very entrepreneurial on a personality test. It doesnt mean we make them CEO of the company.

I'm at the Military Resource Center at Regent University if you want to talk through a career plan with an ultimate goal in mind. When you think of using what you did in the military to leverage a civilian job don't think about just equating your rate.

Im sure as an FC you worked with a team in your division whether that was just your shop or when doing collateral duties, you managed equipment and funds. IF you were a center or shop supervisor you managed people and have some leadership experience and have an ability to adapt under pressure. You held at least some sort of security clearance.

All these things translate to skills that civilians are looking for to fill their positions. If you're still looking for resources or jobs shoot me an email and we can sit down and go over some options in the Norfolk/VB Hampton Roads area.

Jose R


Patricia Sanderlin Hempstead, TX

Hi Raymond,

Thank you for your service!
I will try to answer the question in your subject title. True entry-level is Intern, Contractor, or a very common role, like assistant or even admin. It gets your foot in the door at most companies and from there, you can use networking and training, gain experience and go further. Also, start with roles that state "college hire".

Not sure if that is the answer you are looking for?

Good luck,


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