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How to know my $ value to a potential employer/ Seeking internship



I am trying to find what I am qualified to do so I can manage my expectations and not waste anyone's time.

I have 22 years as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the Army, over 16 of that has been in supervisory roles of increasing responsibility. I am currently a Master Sergeant with an MBA in IT Management, a BS in Information Systems Security and I earned my CompTIA Security+ in July. Currently, I am seeking out internship opportunities in-person or telework from Fort Bragg, NC as my 180-day window until retirement opens on November 1.

I am at a decision-point on which career to pursue. Since my main goal is to provide for my wife and 3-year-old, maximizing income is an important consideration. We plan to move to Nashville, TN, in March. Nashville has 18 publicly traded healthcare companies, and the industry generates over $92B a year (Nashville Health Care Council, 2018). Computer and Information Systems Managers (113021) in Nashville earn $72,290-$196,520 and Medical and Health Services Managers (119111) earn $54,620-$174,050 (, 2020).

My assumption is that although I have management and leadership experience, I lack the IT-related experience to find a position that would place me as far above entry-level as I would be in a Health Services Manager position, which is also a more direct transition. Based on that assumption, I feel Healthcare IT would be an easier transition that leverages my experience and my passion for helping others through technology. I do not know the value of my experience, education and credentials and I understand that value varies and the hiring company ultimately decides.

I appreciate any suggestions, feedback, assistance or guidance. Please also do not worry about hurting my feelings.

Thank you for your time,

11 September 2020 5 replies Career Exploration



Louis Schwarz Somerville, NJ

By the way John, from what I see from you, your compensation should be about 100K. Your attitude and IT knowledge could improve that figure. The biggest value, is your ability to communicate to IT professionals and understand what they are communication to you. How fast you can clear the smoke and see what is needed or being delivered. Your best postion is the catalyst between health care and IT.

14 September 2020 Helpful answer


Louis Schwarz Somerville, NJ

John, you are in a great position. From my experience, the medical/IT area is a growing area in a second level of systems. The need is experienced health care providers with IT knowledge. The systems must be more responsive to the health care professionals requirements for ease of operation and increased automation from technology. The patient and financial aspects must be easy and comprehensive. Most health care companies and hospital organizations are in need of this type of individual. You have line experience, which is valuable when understanding the needs of health care and the reality of care giving. Look at the major hospital corporations and consulting firms that provide support to the health care industry. You have great value in this area. Experience and knowledge. Your communication skills will be tested, so try and strengthen then and keep your sense of humor.. Good luck and have fun.

14 September 2020 Helpful answer


Scott Vedder Orlando, FL

John, consider teaming up with partners who help facilitate SkillBridge introductions: HireMilitary, Shift (tech focused), and Hiring Our Heroes. That'll simplify things a lot. They've already got a lot of contacts and connections. Sites like Glassdoor can shed some light on salary expectations.



Thank you both for your guidance and assistance. I think much of my anxiety about transition comes from fear of the unknown. One thing I noticed the other day, is that in the military, we have set rules and regulations for every aspect of our lives. If you are confused what to do, read the regulation. I wish it were like that for resumes and LinkedIn and the other aspects of the process. There seem to be many conflicting suggestions on things as simple as using periods after bullets or using "transitioning military" in your headline.


Andrea Bryant New York, NY

Hello Johnny,

Thank you for your question, and thank you for your service! To be upfront, I am not in the field of IT or healthcare, but what I have been able to glean from my network, you are heading in all of the right directions. I will try to get in touch with a couple of them today to see if they are available to provide more direct responses to your inquiry.

In the meantime, I believe that your fellowship will provide plenty of insight as to the opportunities you would have available, as well as the requisite preparation to land them. Should you need additional certifications, I would recommend checking out Onward to Opportunity. As soon as you are six months out from retirement, you can take advantage of one of their courses, many of which are in the IT field:

I'll reach out to some of those contacts presently to get you some more direct information.



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