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Are other members having concerns about retirement and career choices


David George Port Saint Lucie, FL

Having had a number of jobs including a primary career I am at a crossroads in the decision making process and could use some input from those faced with similar circumstances

10 July 2020 4 replies Career Exploration



Jeff Martin Ashburn, VA

I’d be happy to help if I can, but you would need to be a little more specific. Send me an email if you want to talk. Jeff

10 July 2020 Helpful answer


Scott Vedder Orlando, FL


Check out the book "Designing Your Life" which may help you identify some intersections between your passions and your skills. Maybe your next opportunity lies at the intersection where the benefits and feelings you get from gardening, home improvement, and docudramas coincide with the skills you honed in your career. Best wishes!


Henry ("Dr. Hank") Stevens Fort Lauderdale, FL

Some "out of the box" thinking for you to consider - from a well-seasoned H-R professional who has now transitioned into vocational counseling and retirement after MANY years of H-R work!

Give some SERIOUS thought to the TALENTS necessary to do the job - any "job" you are looking at. Sure, everyone wants to know about your education and experience; but throughout my career, it was the people who had the TALENT that brought success to the department - and NOT their education or experience.

EDUCATION is fine, but to me, it means that someone CAN learn and has demonstrated that they have learned. EXPERIENCE is also fine, but that means the person has some exposure to the problems at hand. Not very valuable. A
All of which, baits three questions: 1 - what are the TALENTS necessary to do the job you are contemplating filing, and 2 - Just what are YOUR talents? 3 - Is there a correlation between the two?

But for one simple example: Would you hire an introvert (talent) for a customer-facing receptionist position? I think not.

IF you are not clear about what YOUR talents are, there is a great assessment tool (free) that will help guide you. They also have an on-site interpretation of the results that may point you in a good direction too. If you have some difficulty interpreting the results and would like my off-channel assessment (also free), please provide me with the 4 letters and the percentage of each [should look something like I-42, N-8, T-45, J-50] to my e-mail address

Bottom line: It is all about understanding YOUR talents. Identify them. Embrace them. Get yourself in a position where you are expressing those talents.

The web site for the assessment address is:

Regards, Dr. Hank


David George Port Saint Lucie, FL

OK, I know we can't go into too many details via message boards but here's my challenge: since retiring from the military I have more time for things I enjoy doing which includes gardening, home improvements, watching fascinating crime investigation programs where forensic science can now help to solve many of the crimes that were done years ago using the DNA and other tests. And while I still want to use my creative side developed while I was a musician- which now seems to be something I use in taking Nature photos and photos of the places I visit it all has me wondering where I should be focusing my energy with regard to job/work after having started my own real estate investing llc 10 years ago and having sold the last of my investment properties last year. Let all of that soak in and then give me your thoughts . Looking forward to hearing from you

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