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Networking with Corporations


Aprile Williams Severn, MD

Good afternoon,

I recently started a Corporate Yoga business offering Emotional Intelligence workshops enhanced by yoga and mindfulness ( I would like to begin networking and reach out to various local corporations to share my business and "sell it" to them. This would include the local base and school districts.

I would like to know the title of the person I should contact, if its best to email, call, or both, and other tips and strategies for marketing. If anyone has a marketing plan template they can share that would be very helpful as well.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Aprile Williams

29 June 2020 3 replies Networking



Jiayu Wen New York, NY

Hi Aprile,

So happy to see that you are into yoga as well! I am a veteran and also a certified yoga teacher. Are you in this business yourself or you have some yoga teachers working with you? One of my yoga teachers who trained me used to work in the corporate wellness sector. I may potentially ask her for some advice. Please feel free to add me on LinkedIn. My LinkedIn name is Jiayu Wen.




A. Andra Grava Allen, TX

Wellness falls in the Human Resources or talent Management arena of most corporations, a couple of tips to find these people. Linked In advanced search function in Sales Navigator if you are willing to buy into that otherwise go to the search function and filters. For free Linked In will let you look 1 to 3 levels of contacts so the more contacts you have the broader the search. Build your network of friends and acquaintances. In your first search look for HR but also search for your alma mater and US Army. People like to help people.
Right now it is hard to network in large groups so learn to be selective. Find key people to meet for coffee - we can still do that and ask for introductions to specific people they know based on their Linked In contacts to invite to coffee. Asking for blind referrals- "do you know someone who might need my services"? rarely works. Specific names though helps the individual know what type of person you are looking to meet and how they can help you. This can keep your appointment calendar filled with good networking and prospecting without mass email or costly lead purchases.
I am in the insurance business and have never had a lull in my business in 24 years. Also talking to groups is a great way to meet people and be an expert. SHRM is probably looking for a wellness expert to talk to their members via zoom. Could be some opportunity there. I enjoy marketing and sales. Feel free to reach out to talk.
-Andra Grava


Steve Adolt Lancaster, PA


As somebody who has made many mistakes and missteps starting my own business, rather than names/titles to co tact, you need a strong process that is actionable and repeatable.

Rather than figuring this out by yourself, I'd suggest looking into programs offered by James Wedmore and Jill and Josh Stanton. They know, really know, how to get you pointed in the right direction without cookie-cutter solutions.

Not only are they smart and savvy, they're also awesome people!

Full transparency - I have no affiliation with them at all. I HAVE taken some of their courses and am taking actions from what I learned.

If you'd like to talk further, feel free to schedule a discussion on my calendar:

Good luck and God Speed!


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