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Emergency Mangament


Jason Strominger Lillington, NC

I was wondering if there are any mentors that do Emergency Management. I am looking for someone in FEMA, Homeland Security, working in the private industry or in the city / county / or state level.

29 May 2020 4 replies Mentoring



Tim Feemster Dallas, TX

I know folks at FEMA and people who know more folks at FEMA. If you want to connect with me, we can start a dialogue and introductions. or 214-693-7689.


Byron Andrews Houston, TX

Hi Jason- Just wanted to mention that I took a series of free online FEMA management courses that resulted in a certification. I never used was more to fulfill some "over & above" voluntary training to pretty-up my annual performance evaluation. The courses were actually pretty good, and each had a test. After a series of 8 or so courses I think, I got a certification. I cant find it right off hand, it was some time ago. This seems to be the jump-off point to find what I'm talking about: I am wrapping up a career with DHS and would be happy to chat with you sometime if you want, but my experience is in criminal intelligence/law enforcement, dont know if that would do you any good. Take care/best of luck!


Michael Millman New Orleans, LA

Dear Jason:
Thank you for your service. I work with a number of people who are in the remediation business. Some are very involved in the continuing aftermath of the damage done in Puerto Rico by hurricane Maria, others have companies that work wherever there are natural disasters anywhere in the world. Please forward a copy of your resume and I will be happy to circulate it. Happy to help a fellow Veteran!


Andrea Bryant New York, NY

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your service, and thank you for your question!

Speaking more from the perspective of our formal mentoring program, mentors in Emergency Management are in high demand! However, if you are in an ACP mentorship right now, I would recommend that you reach out to your point of contact, and see if he or she can set up an informational interview for you with a mentor with experience in emergency management.

Along with that, when you do have an informational interview set up, reviewing these guides can be a great help to ensure you get the most out of your call:

Also keep in mind, that you can search advisors on this site, and if they have experience in emergency management and have checked off that they are ok with direct messages, feel free to reach out to them.



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