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What jobs am I best suited for?


Ryan Golom Belmar, NJ

I'm planning on moving to Pensacola, FL for family reasons and I need to narrow my job search. I have a B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering, I'm a licensed Professional Engineer (PE), I was a Weapon Systems Officer in the F/A-18F Super Hornet, and I taught mechanical engineering classes at USNA. For the last two years I've been working as a co-owner and journeyman plumber of my father's plumbing business. I'm approved to sit for the master plumber's license test, but COVID-19 has delayed my test.

I'm considering project management type jobs with utility companies and forensic engineering jobs with firms in Pensacola. I'm certainly open to suggestions.

1 May 2020 7 replies Career Advancement



Wayne Brantley Riverview, FL

Lieutenant Golom -
I am a long time PMP which is the certification you should get if you want to be a project manager. This is given by PMI ( There are tons of training from free to several thousand dollars out there so think before you buy. You need to read the PMBOK Guide 6th edition and learn som project management before taking a PMP Prep. I just want you to hit the PMP Prep class running. Also, the Agile Practice Guide will be shipped with the PMBOK Guide when ordered from PMI. The test is 200 questions and 4 hours. It's a tough one, but your military background and PE tells me you will have no problem if you prepare properly. This is a video I made on How to read the PMBOK Guide and this is a video on how to fillout the application for the PMP Exam Good luck.

6 May 2020 Helpful answer


Jason Williscroft Miami, FL

Hi Ryan--

In his answer ( Sotti Koev mentioned having started RINGKNOCKER with a buddy. I'm the buddy. Definitely join us on a Meetup, I'm sure you will find it entertaining at the least and probably helpful as well.

As far as your question goes, here's some old-guy advice: you're asking the wrong question.

You asked what kind of work you are SUITED FOR, and you named a bunch of options, including the family business. If you weren't a complete moron as a naval officer, I'm sure you are well-suited for ALL of them, and more besides. As a naval officer you learned a totally new job every couple of years at a minimum, usually far more often than that. So I'm pretty confident you'll excel at whatever you try, if you put your back into it.

But the question you should be asking is this one: what kind of job SUITS YOU? Is it in fact a job, or are you an entrepreneur? Lots of us are. But whatever the answer is, I can promise you a couple of things:

1. Nobody here can answer that question for you. We can help you ASK it, in different ways, from different angles, and we can help you think through the answers you find. But this one's on you, shipmate. You've got the deck on USS GOLOM, and sink or swim there will be no relief.

2. Whatever answer you find will be wrong. And so will the next one, and probably the one after that. That's just the process: life is long, and right about the time you've dug through the mountain of rusty needles to find that one golden needle, the whirlwind lifts you up and deposits you on top of a totally different pile. Wisdom happens when you realize you're there for the sunshine and the fresh air and the workout, not some stupid shiny needle.

Hope to see you at a Meetup, shipmate!


Jason Williscroft
USNA '95


Sotir Koev Washington, DC


Check out the Ringknocker group my buddy and I created, we meet every Thursday evening over Zoom. Feel free to sign up for the newsletter and meetups, our next event is tomorrow at 8 pm ET.



Think about Law School. You are still young. What I found was that most Engineers don't know much, if anything about the Law; and most Lawyers don't know anything about Engineering. That combination will blow away your competition in corporations (including the MBAs), plus it will be of enourmous help in being an entrepreneur. Go nights, if you have to like I did.
All engines ahead full.



Jim Schreier Milwaukee, WI

I will add a different response. But first, one connected more to your experiences and the previous answers. Look carefully at the many "accomplishments" you obviously have, not what you "have" (skills, etc.) but what results you can match to potential jobs.

I also believe strongly in the power of assessments to examine not just what you can do, but what you love to do (would love to do). What are your strengths? How does your personality (style) match your career objectives. I've been offering very special opportunities right now for assessments (


Anthony Cortazzo King Of Prussia, PA

Hi John - I work for Lockheed Martin. We just received e-mails that we are continuing our hiring trajectory and are in need of engineers, particularly those with clearances. Lockheed is particularly friendly to veterans. We have operations all over the country. If interested, please message me, or shoot me an e-mail at



James Watters Norman, OK

Lieutenant Golom -
When I searched engineering jobs in Pensacola, Florida I found too many to list here. Take a look. It will take several days to investigate just the specific ones of interest to you. Good luck Navy.

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