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Anyone have any advice for a part-time job while in school full-time?


Erroll James Ponio Voorhees, NJ

I’m currently in transition from the military and will be in school full-time. I’m looking for extra income while I’ll be in-school and hoping that I could use my skills from the military for part-time job. But I am also prepared to work with anything just to put food in the table while I’ll be in school for a few years.

26 February 2020 12 replies Military to Civilian Transition



Lori York Lakeville, MN

Will you be using your VA Education Benefits while enrolled in school? If so, check out your school's Veteran Services Office to see if they have VA Work-Study positions available. Usually these jobs are front-line customer service where you are assisting fellow veterans. VA Work-Study is an extension of your education benefits and pays a non-taxable hourly wage.
Work-Study may also be offered through the Financial Aid process and enable you to look for other on-campus student employment. T
he plus-side of work-study is you are already at school and departments are great about working around your class schedule. Consider any work-study job as a resume-builder and leadership opportunity. Unfortunately, work-study wages are low. My VA work-study positions are $10/hour (MN minimum wage).
You will find higher wages in many part-time job fields but consider your time and transportation costs required to get to/from school/work/home.

Please reach out to me if you have other questions.

27 February 2020 Helpful answer


Gay Catania Erie, PA

Greetings Erroll! First and foremost, thank you for your service. The ideal part time job for you would be in the field of study you are pursuing. Research companies in your area to see which might be a good fit for you and then send a cover letter and resume, even if there are no current openings. Companies with good cultures are smart to consider candidates even if an opening doesn't exist at the time and are more willing to employ such candidates in part-time positions due to financial constraints, etc. Ensure that your cover letter explains what you have in your background that would make you an ideal candidate for such position. You could state that ideally, a position in your area of study would be preferred, however, you are open to considering other part-time opportunities. Include information on your transferable skills from your military training and how such would benefit the particular company. Also, soft skills, such as dependability, team work, communication, etc. are mentioned. Your resume should list your transferable skills as well and make that a major focus of your resume. When describing past experiences, both military and private industry experience, include how what you did positively impacted the organization you were serving. For example, "Improved on-time delivery schedule", "Improved morale by XXX", "Reduced errors and held a 100% efficiency rating", etc. It's okay to note things you have been praised for as well. For example, "I have been praised (or recognized) for my ability to get along with all my team mates, from enlisted personnel to military officers". You get the idea! It can be difficult to do these kinds of things for many people but this is THE time to sell yourself. Also, check with your school career counseling services department as they may have a list of companies that have provided opportunities for their students in the past. They often receive help wanted notices as well. Also speak with them about paid internships and what might be available for you in that regard. These could all be a good source for you. And, should the ideal job become available to you but it is full time, consider going to school part time and working full time. You may find your employer has a tuition reimbursement program to offer you. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you feel I can be of greater assistance to you. Best wishes for great success in your future endeavors!

26 February 2020 Helpful answer


Sarah Estime Stamford, CT

Hi Erroll,
Part-time remote work is always ideal. You can build customer service, document control, and record-keeping skills. Good luck in this climate!



Robert Felmey Belmar, NJ


Unemployment is currently at record levels due to the Wuhan virus. Honestly, I wouldn't do Uber/Lyft at the present time due to how close you'll be to other people. I grew up near and worked in Voorhees. Have you ever looked into the United Parcel Service (UPS) in Lawnside, NJ? I worked there before my military career and while I was in ROTC.

The food delivery market (Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.) may also be something to look at during these trying times since you can better control your exposure to people, but I suspect that market will quickly become saturated. It used to be said we can't build an economy mowing each other's lawns... I suspect the same will be said of food delivery at some point. Good luck!


Dennis Wagner Wayne, PA

Once hotels reopen, a job as a night auditor would be something to look at. Generally the shift runs from 11 PM to 7AM, Hotels are always looking to fill this position (Full & Part time). Great way to make money and study at the same time, as there is plenty of down time. Look at for available positions.


Hazel Herber

At this time when there are lockdowns and quarantines, a very good option will be work-from-home WFH jobs. For example, I am a professional writer as well as a Search Engine Optimization (WFH) consultant for businesses, all done from home for 5 years now. In fact, I have my own freelancing website for writers and has given regular work for many.

What are your skills that you can provide online? For example, if you know web development, etc, WFH is possible.

There are other WFH and online opportunities that are becoming more popular, owing to the current global situation. Feel free to message!


Deb Yeagle Tampa, FL

Thanks for your service!
Since you posted your question, obviously our world has changed. I don't have to tell you that and I know you are in one of the country's hardest hit areas - stay safe and healthy! I'm sure you have checked into PT jobs as a delivery driver during this time. The demand is high so if you are just looking to put food on the table, as you say, then this might be the "low hanging fruit" opportunity you are seeking. However, I noticed in your profile that you have some instructional system experience. As everyone is forced to stay at home during the pandemic, then there might be some opportunities for you to apply these skills to enhance on-line learning experiences for our nation's students. So, I'd also suggest searching for PT job opportunities in instructional systems design.
Thanks again and good luck to you!


stephen schumacher Northfield, NJ

apply at UPS,


Paul Dietrich Staten Island, NY

Erroll, thank you for serving. Take a look at the Census, many jobs part time and full and they are looking for veterans., jobs. They were interested enough in veterans to come to our VFW post meetings to look for candidates. Good luck.


Robert Rahni New York, NY

Quickly wanted to add, the VA Work Study program does not have to be held at the school itself. As long as the student (vet, dependent, spouse) is utilizing the GI BILL, they could work at any VA facility (Hospital, Vet Center, etc.) as part of the fully funded Work Study program. Most VA facilities will place the student in a department related to their academic major/professional interests. For example at the University I work with military connected students they placed a vet GI BILL recipient who’s studying PR in the Public Relations Dept.


Kenneth Brown Dallas, TX

Thank you for your service Staff Sergeant

Amazon Flex $15 - $18 hr : you can use your own vehicle to deliver packages in 4hr time blocks that you register for. I don't know where you'll be, but in Dallas Amazon has these vans where you do the same thing but in their vans vs your vehicle. The 4hr time blocks are more flexible to maneuver around whatever.

Uber/Lyft : Don't sleep on it... It's not "loserville".... You just have to be strategic to maximize your earnings. "be where they ain't" as far as when your competitive drivers will be driving. i.e. Start driving at 4AM after the drunks have been taken home in order to take people to the airport who have to catch an early flight and have to be screened 1st by TSA. Go to the airport website and look at the incoming flights and be there when they come in to take them home.

Try and find a night customer service Network Operation Center or Call center job from the hours of 11PM to 7AM. Hopefully the work flow will be light and you can read and study or nap and be flexible during the day. The college work study jobs don't pay much. Work smart not too physically hard because you'll need your rest and try and ensure you're in front of a computer to multi-task. Apply for food stamps if your income is low to help with food expenses... don't be ashamed... our brothers and sisters and us have earned it.

Find ALL universities and colleges where you live at and look at any REGULAR jobs that they have (not the ones for students that don't pay jack.... after taxes you'd only get like $7/8/9 hr ... not smart).

I have 3 daughters (20 [jr at U. TX full ride], 14, and 7) I have joint custody of my 7yr old and have to pick her up at 1500 and then take her to soccer or juijitsu practice... so I have to be flexible. I'm still trying to finish school too, I work 2300 - 0700 Sat - Wed off on Th / Fr, Spend all day on Sat with my daughter. I also Uber/Lyft and do the Amazon Flex.


DEDICATE 1 DAY A WK TO APPLY FOR STUFF ( it sounds like a minimum amount of days but not really because of all off the stuff you may have to find in order to insert for stuff that the job announcement may ask for and for your tailor your resume according to what the job asks for and for the cover letter that will be tailored for the position.)

May you continue to be blessed in all of your travels and journies.


Erroll James Ponio Voorhees, NJ

Thank you very much Ms Lori York and Ms Gay Cantania. I will look into this! I’m looking forward to start my school. And yes I’ll be using my Post 9/11 GI Bill. I appreciate both of your advices. Have a great day!

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