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What is the best way to let employers see my full potiential


Sierra Mills Beltsville, MD

I am discharging from the Marines in 3 months and want to have a job lined up for me before I leave. How can I show an employer that I am the best candidate and what should I look for before going into an interview

6 February 2020 3 replies Career Exploration



Deanna Corbett Winter Garden, FL

Be sure to choose a likely career path or two that will interest you and will be a match for your existing skills and experience.

Once you have a specific path in mind it will be much easier to write a resume that showcases how you will be the best fit for a particular job. It will help to have versions of your resume tailored for each area you decide to pursue so you can highlight the relevant skills and experience for each. (i.e. A communications job will be very different from a project management job.)

Once you start landing interviews, it is important to be able to tell your story in terms of relevant experience - so the same thinking applies: Have your interview answers tailored for each area you decide to pursue. Be sure to pay attention to individual job descriptions so you can hone in on the same key words and phrases they use to describe the job.

When you start to research companies where you will seek employment, find out if they have a Veterans Program - as many companies will offer training and other resources to help ease the transition into civilian work. Plus you will have a built in community to support you!

Best of luck!


Henry ("Dr. Hank") Stevens Fort Lauderdale, FL

Two themes for you to consider:

First: I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Filippi about networking being very important. After you have identified the kind of position you want, get in front of those folk who are now supervising or performing that activity for an employer. Where do they gather? Ask for an "informational interview" and have a copy of your resume available - should s/he ask for it if impressed with you.

Second: Come to grips with and embrace your TALENTS. That, much more than education or experience, is at the core of your pitch.

Below, is a web site (free) that will help you identify your talents. Although there is a built-in interpretation of the results, I have my own. The results are in the form of 4 letters and their percent saturation. It will look something like this: I-45 N-29 T-10 J-75. After the assessment results are known and IF you want my take on the results (also free), please get them to ME as described - letters AND numbers are important. (OFF THIS CHANEL AT HLSTEVENS42@GMAIL.COM, PLEASE).

And, if you do not want my thinking on the subject, that's okay, too!

As an employer, A) I always stepped on the ropes for a fellow vet. (seek them out!) and B) I always believed that PEOPLE WILL DO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO WHEN WHAT THEY DO IS WHAT THEY WANT TO DO.


Richard Filippi Rye, NY

All good advice so far.
One way I recommend that you develop your resume is to fold a piece of paper and list your accomplishments on the left. On the right side list your skills that allow you to obtain them.
Then re-write your resume highlighting the skills.
You will need to have a resume tailored for every job you apply for by picking out key phrases in the posting. This is because a computer scans it and is designed to reject the most
Most important is to network with people at the companies you are considering working at, former colleagues in the service, people you went to school with. They can offer guidance and if they work at the company they can share your resume with the hiring manager

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