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Publishing Agent - Book editing


Morgan Lerette Glendale, AZ


I have written a book! Don’t worry, I have a real job also so I can feed my family. I’m looking for someone to assist me in editing it and getting it ready to push to Publishing Agents. Heck, we could just cut out the middle man if you know how to get to a publisher.

My book is best described as a War Comedy - based on my time in Iraq. It is unique in that it looks at the lives of those serving with combat being secondary. Its Catch 22 meets Generation Kill. I need the right person who wants to take on a taboo subject (young men in combat can be rather lewd) with the connections to move it to publishing, then screenplay, is then a mini-series (I have aspirations but I have a real job too so I can feed my kids)


5 November 2019 6 replies Career Exploration



Keith Van Sickle Menlo Park, CA

I'll echo Judy and Scott and recommend the self-publishing route. I've done two books through Kindle Direct Publishing and both have been successful. You can easily burn a year trying to find agents/publishers but your odds of connecting with one are low because you are an unknown author.

As for editors, you can look for one on, which is a marketplace for contractors of all kinds--there are thousands of them, in all categories. I found one there who did my illustrations, another did the book cover, and a third did the layout.

Best of luck!


June R Massoud Burlington, VT

There's a publishing company called: Maybe go to the website and find out.
There is also another group called: Author Learning Center. Google them. They are authors and writers who help you write a book. It costs under $15 US to be a member of their authors' learning center. Try it out. Get back to me with what you've concluded.
Best, June R Massoud


Morgan Lerette Glendale, AZ

Thanks Scott. I’ve been looking at self publishing or working with a publisher where I can retain my rights. Glad to hear I’m not crazy - as I think the value would ultimately be if it were optioned.

My concern was with editing. It is a non- traditional writing style and dialog heavy and I wrote it like a Shakespearean play:

Me: whoa dude
Andy: dude whoa
Me: agree

Thankfully, Judy sent me a hot lead for editing services. I will look into them. Thank you Judy.


Judy Braun Vernon Hills, IL

Congratulations Morgan! Writing a book is a big accomplishment. I also wrote a book and it's an exciting experience. I'm giving you the name of the person I used to edit my work - he was fantastic. Christopher Murray I also self published through Amazon and Kindle, so I'd encourage you to think about going that route. Good luck!

Judy Braun


Scott Vedder Orlando, FL

Hi Morgan!

As an author I can tell you: publishing agents aren't always all they're cracked up to be... I had one for a brief time and I'm doing better on my own without one. You can buy my books just about anywhere and I've got control over the distribution, marketing, and licensing of material related to them. I'm sure there are GREAT publishing agents doing awesome work for the right kinds of books and certain authors. It just wasn't for me.

Consider going it on your own. There are plenty of self-publishing platforms to choose from. Kindle Direct Publishing was the no-brainer for me. I can't believe the journey my books have taken me on. I probably would not have become as active in the veteran transition community as I am today had I not once wondered to myself, "What would happen if I wrote a book?"

Go do it. Do it for you. Do it for the enjoyment of others. Do it for your legacy. Just go do it. I cried the first time I held my first published book in my hand... there's something about your own little ISBN number that's just really emotional. I'm wishing you all the best!



Stephen Dest New York, NY

Hey Morgan! Thanks for posting your question on ACP AdvisorNet.

Similar questions have been asked here in the past that might help you:

You can find more answers by using the search bar at the top right corner and typing in some keywords such as "publishing" and "writing a book."

I also recommend you head over to the Community feature on this site and message people directly.

I found a few advisors that might be able to help point you in the right direction:

I found them by simply selecting "Advisors" and refining by "Arts & Entertainment" expertise.

Hopefully, that will help get you started. Best of luck with your novel and feel free to private message me with any further questions.


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