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I am entering my final semester as a college student and looking for Internships (preferably at big tech companies)... However I am having trouble.


Lucas Coffey Richmond, KY

I am entering my final semester as a college student and looking for Internships (preferably at big tech companies)... However, I am having trouble getting responses.

I am a FullStack Developer with the ability to program in Go, Java and JavaScript.

When I contact recruiters I typically get no reply.

I would prefer to work at companies like Disney, Google, Apple, Salesforce, Microsoft, CockRoach Labs, MongoDB, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitch, Twilio, Workday, Paypal, Yext, Lyft, Stripe, Square, The Trade Desk, Docker, Adobe, Expedia, VMWare, Ebay, Yahoo, Nvidia,
Hubspot, Oracle, Squarespace, Redhat ... etc.

My biggest positives:
I am an above-average programmer in comparison to other Junior Developers and Interns. I have been doing this for around 5yrs.

My biggest negatives:
My injury requires me to work remotely - so I must find a job that allows me to work from home like Microsoft or Disney.

13 October 2019 7 replies Career Advancement



Robert Rahni New York, NY

Hi Lucas, noticed you are completing your degree at SNHU, assuming through their distant learning program.

As you may know this program is amongst the best in the nation in terms of number of vets enrolled and the support staff in place who are well trained on assisting student vets with career development - have you reached out to these folks for assistance? I do have a contact who works in such a capacity at SNHU.

Happy to leverage a warm handoff if you think it would be helpful.

Best of luck,

13 October 2019 Helpful answer


Jonathan Lo Emeryville, CA

Hi Lucas,

Here are some companies that I've had success with when I was job searching early last year.



Palo Alto Networks



Feel feel to reach out to me directly and I can share my contacts at these companies.


13 October 2019 Helpful answer


June R Massoud Burlington, VT

My advice is I think you need to work on your resume. Also, put yourself out there on Linkedin and get yourself an account. Start networking there. Go to freelance websites. There's one I learned about from Linkedin. It's called: from the United Arab Emirates - UAE.
Other people on this acp advisornet site are saying to go to Anyway, why not join ACM - Association for Computing Machinery or IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. You could become a full member or an associate member, depending on your level of education. They have a job search entity on their sites.I hope this helps. Get back to me. You need to become more known online so you can increase your chances of employment. Since you are not physically mobile, you need to become 'virtually' mobile. Okay?
-June R Massoud


Lowell Sandoval Seattle, WA

Lucas, I would need to see the resume to know If it merely a design flaw. With today’s technology of video conferencing, working remote will start to become more common.

Have you uploaded your resume to,, or did you contact the local college resource centers that have pamphlets in their offices on open internships?

Programmers are in high demand today.

If you want to share your resume, I’m happy to lend some advice. Email to .

Lowell Sandoval


nancy ouellette Cary, NC

Hey Lucas!

Full stop - CONFIDENCE (Make sure you are representing yourself in writing and over the phone as the same guy in your profile picture)! Not sure what you are doing today, and I would love for you to articulate what you've tried as far as reaching out. I will tell you lack of response from recruiters is not uncommon as they do more targeting these days compared to what they used to. My suggestion is that you network in... I have a large network in the tech space and am happy to help you find contacts if necessary (with recruitment firms or some of the companies mentioned.).

Furthermore, I don't see the injury as a weakness anymore, so please wipe that from your mind. If it is a "weakness" for you, it is only because you are defining it that way... Chances are if you want to work for a large global company, they offer work from home opportunities so it is not uncommon ask. Given the nature of business today and the need to operate on a global scale, they have to offer flexible arrangements, I'd imagine most of the companies you've listed above have this available.

On another different note... I looked at your LinkedIn profile briefly. this is a highly important platform for hiring managers, so make sure its crisp! First, I love the profile pic and background, both show your personality, which is what you want to do out here. Second, get rid of the .png for your resume and repost it as a PDF so it can be downloaded. The .png files load very small on-screen and are a pain in the butt if you want to just print and go. Third, make sure your resume is clean. I did not look at as it was hard to read without really zooming in, however what I did notice was all the words, and the crazy overuse of centering :) Happy to do a broader critique of your resume if you'd like. You can send it over to and I'll take a look through in detail and provide pointers back.

To close loop the confidence piece... you have to be able to sell yourself, and quite honestly if I were to pick up on you being just an "above average" developer, I'd move quickly, so again.. wipe that verbiage from your vocab... You either have the confidence to go after a certain type of job or you don't, and I can assure you lack of confidence is picked up and sniffed out from across the room and even over phone lines!


Steven Mathews Spring, TX

The odds are very good that your resume is functionally identical to 95% of all resumes in your field. Your resume shows no distinguishing characteristics that would warrant a hiring manager to call you in for an interview. I have a proven process for transforming your 95% resume into a Top 1% Resume. Respond if you are ready to put forth a lot of work on your part plus my free coaching.


Jai Chotalia Hermosa Beach, CA

Thank you for five years of service!

Let's focus on your positives, let your resume do the talking. Build it to what the position is and what you can bring to the table. Next, proactive outreach via linked in helps tremendously. You have to be a little investigative to find hiring managers even the recruiter but asking for e-Coffee chat never hurt anyone as long as you take the inquisitive approach. People out the want to help...

Tech companies are very flexible in the SF Bay area but that doesn't need to be addressed immediately - let them appreciate your talent first! Happy to connect offline -


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