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What are the career options for those with disabilities?


Jessica Northey Maitland, FL

How do I find opportunity to work from home as a disabled veteran on a part-time basis? I can't work a full-time job or go to an office but I have a home office.

10 October 2019 6 replies Career Exploration



June R Massoud Burlington, VT

There are some freelancing websites. One I discovered from Linkedin is This is a freelancing site from United Arab Emirates. You need to create a profile and include all of your work experience and education. Check it out and see if you might like it. Also, I strongly suggest you get yourself a LinkedIn account. There are lots of job opportunities and business courses on this website.


nancy ouellette Cary, NC

Hi Jessica!

I think there are already some great suggestions, some of which I'd also recommend as well. I do however have one that is a bit different and would likely pop up under, but I wanted to throw this out there as I know several people in your situation that work through VIPKID which is amazing and rewarding stay at home opportunity. You get to teach children how to speak English! The challenge that I hear of most commonly are that shifts are late hours or early mornings, but depending on what you are looking to do, it could be a very good and flexible opportunity for you.

I do think it boils down to what you really want to do.. IF working at home is what you really want, I know there are great opportunities that exist in which you can convert to a steady income, but I also want to encourage you to not shortchange yourself. There are some amazing employers out there who do a tremendous job of offering flexible work arrangements to meet the needs of all employee types. The company that I work for actually offers full-time work from home from low level to senior-level management roles, and I have a neighbor who works for Oracle who offers the same. Chances are if you want to work for a large global company, they offer work from home opportunities. Given the nature of business today and the need to operate on a global scale, they have to offer flexible arrangements, so don't think you have to weed out the "big guys" :)

Hope this helps!


Joelyn Brannam Punta Gorda, FL

It really is going to be determined by what field you want to go into...Answering services, medical billing/insurance, some administrative work, computer coding, translators, counseling/therapists are now doing tele-visits.
So first step is what field?


Steven Mathews Spring, TX

The website provides you access to a variety of industries to bid on projects. Similar to eBay for bidding on items. You can work at home - you are your own company. While you can work when you want to, your client typically wants their project completed expeditiously. Consequently, there will be periods when you are looking for work and periods where you will be flying with full throttle and afterburners blazing.

I have a list of several home-based employment opportunities.


James Kinneer, PhD Indiana, PA


I encourage you to start with a clear vision. What is the ideal type of home-based work that you would like to do? Are there specific skills that you have to offer potential employers? Once you have a clear vision of your ideal role, start targeting your job search to those specific opportunities. Consider also what is important to you in terms of income security and benefits. Would freelance virtual work (without employer benefits) be of interest or do you wish to work in a regular employment status as a remote worker? This would be another way of targeting your job search.

I wish you the best in your career exploration. Please contact me if I can be of further assistance.


Jhanelle Dennis New York, NY

Hi Jessica!

I recommend doing a "boolean search" for part-time and remote opportunities. If you're not familiar, you do this by putting keywords in your search box in quotation marks with AND and OR, to zero in on postings that contain these keywords. (CBS's job site supports boolean searches, as do most job search engines like indeed and linkedin)

"Operations Manager" AND "remote" OR "part-time" OR "part time" OR parttime"

*Also try keywords "PT", "per diem", "freelance"

I also suggest applying to other jobs that you feel would be a good fit. It is completely up to you to disclose in your application, but if you do choose to disclose, it gives you the chance for recruiters to review what skills you could bring to the job (and if that's a match) open up the conversation with regard to what types of reasonable accommodation you would request and if it's doable on the company's end for that particular job.

I want to stress that disclosing a disability is *by no means a way for companies/Recruiters to filter you out*! It is intended to ensure compliance with the ADA while also tracking metrics so that companies/Recruiters can do a better job at providing equal employment opportunities.

Hope this is helpful!

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