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Online Teaching Opportunities


Jevon Cooper Carrollton, VA

I don’t have formal teaching experience, however, I’m looking for guidance in how to break into the industry.

30 August 2019 6 replies Career Advancement



James Kinneer, PhD Indiana, PA

I have worked as an online adjunct faculty member since 2012 in both for-profit and non-profit universities. Most positions for online faculty in college settings require a Master's degree at a minimum. Your doctorate will be very helpful. Your work and military experience will also be important because online schools place a high value on practical application. Most online schools have some type of orientation or certification program for new faculty. This will help you to become familiar with the learning management system used and with the performance expectations for faculty. Your education and experience will get you into the door.

There are also some other programs offering training in online teaching. In addition to mentioned in another response you might also want to look at and the online certificate that they offer:

I don't have any affiliation with and there are also colleges that offer certificates in online teaching. Explore all of your options.

Please message me if you would to discuss getting into this field in further detail.


Jennifer Liddle Huntsville, AL

Hi, Jevon! Have you checked out HigherEdJobs?


Ron Sinicki Hillsboro, OR

My wife just completed her EdD and we are going through this same scenario for higher education.

The simple answer is that it is school/department specific. For example, a college level teaching position in the education department will want to have experience in teaching. My wife teaches High School, where the position was specifically for elementary teaching program. She was a final candidate, but didn't get the position due to lack of the specific experience.

Similarly, colleges differ on how they like to bring folks in. Most prefer to have you adjunct for a bit before offering a full position.

Lastly, leverage your professors in you EdD program. They are your best mentors on how to get a job in academia and can help with job searches.

That said ... there are continuing education programs either online or evenings that are looking for adjuncts (phoenix online, walden for online. You need to look at specific schools for evening programs (e.g. George Fox Univ has one))

Note - To get K-12 experience, which is typically required for an academic Education position, can be obtained through substitute teaching. This is state specific on the requirements, where the need is school district specific (e.g. Oregon has a specific provision that enables 3 yr teaching certificate with Superintendent approval).


Sam Hoffman Roslyn Heights, NY

Can you clarify your question a bit? Are you looking to become a classroom teacher, or teach an online class? Also, what do you want to teach and to whom?


Robert Rahni New York, NY

Hi Jevon,

Thank you for your service and for having posed this question.

From what I know, entering a tenure teaching track at the university level requires a Ph.D. I see you have earned a Ed.D. Depending on the discipline or academic subject area, this may suffice.

As an Adjunct Lecturer/Professor, which only requires a Masters degree for most subjects, perhaps you could look to secure a full-time position serving in the capacity of a staff personnel at a university and then teach as an Adjunct in addition to it. This is what I did for five years and I found it to be very fulfilling.

Over time by establishing relationships with the academic department/Chairperson you may be able to parlay your adjunct assignments into a full-time tenure track trajectory. I’ve seen others successfully navigate this. Of course conducting a ton of research, publications and being cited in others’ research will certainly help your case.

Wishing you the best of luck!



Enrico Crocetti Mount Sinai, NY

Hi Jevon, can you tell me how far you are along with your education? What certification will you have? If you have a resume I would like to review it with you. Sound good? Let's do this! Please message me so we can dialog.
Regards, Enrico

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